With a number of reforms that are being implemented to improve the overall GCC market structure and business environment, the GCC is ripe for business opportunities for local and foreign investors alike. Before investors embark upon these business opportunities, they require to conduct GCC market analysis to ensure they correctly estimate the market potential. Marmore MENA Intelligence develops GCC research reports that include growth drivers, demand analysis, competitive and regulatory environment which assist the investors to conduct appropriate GCC industry analysis on the areas of their focus. View more


Kuwait government has planned and approved of a number of new development projects, spurring the local economy. The state has also focused on SME sector for private sector growth and in its effort towards diversification. The reforms are being implemented to improve its Doing Business ranking. In the wake up all these positive steps, Marmore MENA Intelligence understands the importance of developing Kuwait research reports that comprehensive include Kuwait market structure and Kuwait market analysis on key business sectors and industries. The reports are a useful tool to understand dynamics of demand analysis in Kuwait and competitive environment. Marmore’s research library include Kuwait industry analysis reports on all major and important industries in Kuwait. View more

United Arab of Emirates (UAE)

The business friendly regulatory environment, vibrant population and workforce mix have helped the UAE to emerge as one of the most diverse economies in the world. Before venturing in to the UAE market, it is important to conduct a thorough UAE market analysis to develop an understanding of the UAE market structure. Marmore MENA Intelligence’s UAE research reports cover detailed UAE industry analysis to identify growth drivers, potential challenges, key players and regulatory environment. The research reports also provide demand analysis in UAE to estimate future growth. View more

Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Saudi Arabia Analysis

Within the GCC, Saudi Arabia is the largest market because of the size of its economy and the largest oil producer. Saudi Arabia has recent opened its stock market to foreign investments, a move scene in positive light for private sector growth and diversification. Marmore MENA Intelligence has develop a number Saudi research reports to capture changes in the Saudi Arabia market structure and provide updated Saudi Arabia market analysis to clients. Marmore also caters to research on demand requests from its clients to conduct in-depth information Saudi Arabia industry analysis and estimate future trends by conducting demand analysis in Saudi Arabia for various industries. View more

Qatar Analysis

Qatar with its highest per capita income is a wealthy nation with rich hydrocarbon reserves. To prepare for FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar has stepped up its effort to develop needed infrastructure, travel and tourism industry. Qatar is already executing some of the large scale projects which bodes well for investors wanting to invest in the country. Marmore MENA Intelligence’s Qatar research reports can be used to conduct Qatar industry analysis to identify potential opportunities and understand Qatar’s market structureView more

Oman Analysis

Marmore MENA Intelligence has taken the initiative to conduct Oman industry analysis and develop Oman research reports that covers key industry statistics and provides information on key business sectors and infrastructure segments of Oman. Understanding how the Oman’s market structure differs from other regional market is required to successfully venture and explore the Omani market. The research reports essentially covers demand analysis in Oman industries, regulatory requirements, challenges ahead and growth potential. View more


Egypt is one of the largest economies in the MENA region and coming out of hiatus due to political upheaval, Egypt is now pushing harder towards reforms and economic growth. Marmore MENA Intelligence has developed Egypt research reports to capture nuances of Egypt market structure. These reports provides detailed Egypt industry analysis with particular emphasis on demand analysis in Egypt, key demand drivers, challenges and way forward. Marmore has particular tracked development in the area of Egypt’s infrastructure and financial services segments. View more