Kuwait Water

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The Middle East is one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, with countries like Kuwait possessing almost nil internal renewable water resour.....


The Middle East is one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, with countries like Kuwait possessing almost nil internal renewable water resources. But the demand for water is high, with Kuwait showcasing one of the highest water consumption per capita per day, in the region. Desalination and sewage treatment plants are the main sources of water in the country, as the annual precipitation is meager. With a high number of residential consumers, numerous projects are being undertaken to bridge the gap between demand and supply. 

In this report, we examine and analyze the present status of Kuwait Water Sector, and highlight the demand and supply trends. We enumerate the investments and projects that are presently underway in Kuwait water sector to sort out the water related problems of the country. Growing demand and close-to-nil natural water supply will ensure that investments in the water sector remain a key priority for Kuwait over the next decade.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Industry Overview
  3. Demand Dynamics in Kuwait
  4. Water Supply Sources in Kuwait
    • Developing Ground Water
    • Desalination
    • Wastewater Treatment
  5. Water Usages In Kuwait
  6. Market Structure & Tariffs
  7. Investments in Water Sector
  8. Kuwait Project Scenarios
    • Future Projects
  9. SWOT

Tables & Charts

4.1 Water Withdrawal by source(10^9M3/Yr)
4.2 Kuwait Installed seawater desalination capacity in 2010
4.3 List of technology used by respective desalination plants in Kuwait
4.4 Waste water treatment plants by 2011
5.1 Number of fresh water Consumers
5.2 Number of Brackish water Consumers 
6.1 Working Sectors in Ministry of Electricity & Water
6.2 Water Rates collected by Ministry of Electricity & Water
6.3 Saudi Arabia Water Tariffs
10.1 Stages involved in Reverse Osmosis distillation process

3.1 Total water withdrawal per capita (m3/yr)
3.2 Total renewable water resources per capita(m3/yr)
3.3 Total Potable water consumption(in 1000MIG)
3.4 Total freshwater withdrawal as % of total actual renewable water resources
3.5 Total urban population in Kuwait in Thousands
3.6 Arable Land in Hectares
3.7 Kuwait - Crop Production Index
3.8 Production of top three crops in Kuwait in 1000 tonnes
3.9 GDP Contribution Sector Wise
4.1 Total renewable water resources (M m3/yr)
4.2 Desalinated water productivity of GCC countries
4.3 Desalination Plants in Kuwait
4.4 Existing Sewage treatment plants, 2010
7.1 Investments in Water Projects utility-wise in Kuwait(US $m)
7.2 Kuwait Water- Value of investments and stages from 2005-2014(US$M)
10.1 Multi-Stage Flash Distillation working layout



Kuwait Water

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