Saudi Water

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The Middle East is one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, where natural water resources are very low. But water consumption rates in the G.....


The Middle East is one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, where natural water resources are very low. But water consumption rates in the GCC region are very high. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most “water-stressed” countries, with very low amount of available water per capita. Groundwater level is continuously receding and the water extraction is exceeding the availability of natural renewable water resources. Desalination is the main source of water in the country, even though this requires high amounts of energy to convert sea water into drinking water. The country is blessed with huge amounts of oil and gas reserves which make desalination projects relatively less costly when compared to the rest of the world. However, alternatives are the need of the hour. 

In this report, we examine and analyze the present status of KSA Water Sector, and highlight the demand and supply trends. We enumerate the investments and projects that are presently underway in KSA water sector, to sort out the water related problems of the country. The growing demand for infrastructure in the residential and industrial sectors will ensure that investment in the water sector remains a key priority for Saudi Arabia over the next decade.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. KSA Water Sector Overview
  3. Water demand dynamics in Saudi Arabia
  4. Water supply sources in KSA
  5. Market Structure
  6. Projects
    • Independent Water and Power Producers (IWPPs)
    • Water Management Programs
  7. Investments
    • Desalination Projects
    • Sewerage Projects
    • Wastewater treatment Projects
    • Other projects
  8. SWOT Analysis
  9. Key Learning Points
  • Appendix 1: List of Desalination plants
  • Appendix 2: List of Major Pipelines
  • Appendix 3: Map of Desalination plants and benefiting cities
  • Appendix 4:Proposed desalination plants
  • Appendix 5: Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Tables & Charts

  3.1  Sector wise water withdrawal(Million Cubic Meters)
  3.2  Region wise water consumption (2010 & 2011)
  3.3  Expected future water demands(Million Cubic Meters)
  4.1  Sources of water (2011)
  5.1  KSA water tariff block rate (per m3/month)
  5.2  Proposed water tariff block rate(per m3/month)
  7.1  Major planned and in-progress desalination projects
  7.2  Major Planned and in-progress water treatment projects
  7.3  Major other planned and in-progress projects

2.1 Average annual precipitation in mm(2011)
2.2 Total installed desalination capacity by region
3.1 Per capita consumption of water(litres per day)
4.1 Total renewable water resources per capita (m3/inhab./year)
4.2 Number of dams in Saudi Arabia, Region wise(2011)
4.3 Annual production of desalinated water by SWCC ((Million Cubic Meters))
4.4 Desalination share in GCC(2011)
5.1 Schematic of various market players and regulators
6.1 IWPP projects in Saudi Arabia
7.1 Financial requirements of water sector(billion $)



Saudi Water

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