Qatar Roads & Railways

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Roads are the primary mode of transportation in Qatar, attributed to the low prices of petroleum and absence of railways. Qatar had already planned to.....


Roads are the primary mode of transportation in Qatar, attributed to the low prices of petroleum and absence of railways. Qatar had already planned to invest USD 100billion on infrastructure projects as a part of its National Vision 2030. Ashghal, the Public Works Authority oversees all infrastructure-related projects in Qatar. Over the period 2012 to 2018, Ashghal has planned to spend USD 41.51 billion building and upgrading roads and drainage infrastructure. Qatar’s roads development plans got fresh catalyst when it was awarded with the responsibility of hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

​In this report, we provide an outline of the market structure, and an overview of the current status and growth trends in Qatar Roads and Railways. The report enumerates and details the various projects that are currently underway, and the investments made towards the same. In addition, the report also discusses the opportunities and challenges that maybe faced by the Qatar Roads and Railways sectors, in the coming years.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Congested roads spurs infrastructure development
    • Qatar ranks 3rd in terms of road length in the GCC region
    • Ashghal actively engages with international players for infrastructure projects
    • Qatar leads the GCC region in terms of investment in road infrastructure
    • ASHGHAL - Development of Rawdat Al Khail Street
  3. Holistic transport services the need of the hour
    • Shortage of well-developed public transport drives the need for railways
    • Qrail owns and manages railway network in Qatar
    • Qatar plays the long-game with Doha Metro
  4. Economic diversification and smart cities remain a key driver of infrastructure
  5. Labour shortages and payment delays remain as the key challenges
  6. Key players
  7. Impact of FIFA 2022 on Qatar Transportation
  8. Appendix
    • Appendix – 1: Major road projects in execution in GCC (2016)
    • Appendix – 2: Proposed Road Network in Greater Doha
    • Appendix – 3: Major Railways Projects in GCC countries
    • Appendix – 4: Proposed Pan-GCC Rail Network (Phase 1 & 2)
    • Appendix – 5: Doha Metro Project Map/Route – 2022
    • Appendix – 6: Doha Metro Project Map/Route – 2026
    • Appendix – 7: Long Distance Passenger Network Route
    • Appendix – 8: Long Distance Freight Network Route
    • Appendix – 9: Etihad Rail and GCC network link

Tables & Charts

2.1    Value of Ongoing projects in the GCC (USD bn), 2016-24
2.2    Major road projects under execution in Qatar
3.1    GCC Railway Projects split up (2015 to 2018)
3.2    Major Ongoing and planned rail projects in Qatar (Master and Standalone 2016)
3.3    Ongoing QRDP Projects (Doha Metro, LLRT & LD)
3.4    Long Distance Rail Network Projects
4.1    Major On-going Projects - Cities  
6.1    Key Ongoing Infrastructure Projects - Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company
6.2    Shareholding Pattern- Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company
6.3    Key Ongoing Infrastructure Projects - Saudi Binladin Group
6.4    Shareholding Pattern- Saudi Binladin Group
6.5    Shareholding Pattern - Al Habtoor Group
6.6    Shareholding Pattern - Aljaber Group
7.1    Planned Stadiums for FIFA 2022

2.1    Road length in km
2.2    Road density—km of road/100 square km land area
2.3    Population of Qatar in Millions
2.4    GDP (PPP) per capita (2015)
2.5    Motor Vehicles (per 1000 people)
2.6    Total roads length in Qatar (KM)
2.7    Number of Traffic Accidents in Qatar
2.8    Organisational structure of Public Works Authority (Ashgal)
2.9    Qatar Road Projects Status split up and ranking based on value (USD Bn) 2016-24
2.10    Qatar Major road projects ranking based on value (USD) (2016-18)
3.1    Qatar Railways Market Structure
3.2    Country wise breakdown of of Master projects in Railways (USD bn)
3.3    QRNP Ongoing projects breakdown based on value (USD)
3.4    Qatar Rail Development Program
3.5    Doha Metro Phase 1 (Red Line)
3.6    Doha Metro Phase 1 (Gold Line)
3.7    Doha Metro Phase 1 (Green Line)
4.1    Tourist Visits in Qatar
4.2    Hotels and Rooms in Qatar, 2015
5.1    Average Construction Cost Estimate of Road Projects (USD Mn/Km/Lane)



Qatar Roads & Railways

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