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Power sector in the Emirates has been rising in tandem with economic growth over the last decade. It is expected that the UAE will see a robust and ra.....


Power sector in the Emirates has been rising in tandem with economic growth over the last decade. It is expected that the UAE will see a robust and rapid explosion of youthful population, in the coming years, in the form of both nationals and expats. This suggests that to meet the demands of this rapid growing population, the UAE power sector will have to grow eventually. 

In this report, we provide an outline of the UAE Power sector, the current operational set-up and the trends in generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.The report also discusses the laws and regulations governing the UAE Power sector and the investments that are being made to meet the growing demand for power. Furthermore, we look at the emerging trends, such as the commissioning of nuclear plants that will start generating power by 2017, to supplement the emirates’ energy needs.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Global Scenario
    • Future Technological Advancements
  3. United Arab Emirates – Power Sector
    • Power Consumption
    • Power Generation & Sources of Power
    • Power Distribution & Transmission Utilities
    • Energy Trading
    • Growth Drivers
  4. Structural Setup
    • Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA)
    • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)
    • Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)
    • Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA)
    • Masdar
    • Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
    • Other Producers
    • Emirates National Grid (ENG)
    • Masdar Institute of Science & Technology (MIST)
    • Major Projects
  5. Law & Regulation
    • Ministry of Energy (MoE)
    • Regulation & Supervision Bureau (RSB)
    • Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (SCE)
    • Gulf Co-operation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)
    • Tariffs & Rates
    • Trading Regulation & Codes
  6. Project Financing
  7. Key Learning
  8. Threats & Challenges
  9. Statistics & References

Tables & Charts

2.1 CAGR of Power Generation – Region Wise
3.1 UAE – Statistics
3.2 GDP Growth, Inflation, Population & GDP Contributions
3.3 UAE Electricity Consumption and Demand – Supply Forecasts
3.4 Forecast of the Power Generation by Fuel Type in UAE in TWh
3.5 Power Transmission & Distribution Utilities in UAE
4.1 Power Generation Capacity under ADWEA in 2012
4.2 Transmission Utilities under TRANSCO
4.3 Peak Demand Forecast for Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Northern Emirates by 2030
4.4 Distribution Utilities under ADDC
4.5 Distribution Utilities under AADC
4.6 Installed Capacity of Power Generation for DEWA in 2012
4.7 Transmission Utilities under DEWA
4.8 Distribution Utilities under DEWA
4.9 Future Projects of DEWA
4.10 Installed Power Generation Capacity of SEWA
4.11 Transmission Utilities under SEWA
4.12 Distribution Utilities under SEWA
4.13 Power Generation Capacity under FEWA
4.14 Transmission Utilities under FEWA
4.15 Distribution Utilities under FEWA
4.16 Masdar - Future Projects
4.17 Share Holding Pattern in Emirates National Grid (ENG)
4.18 Ongoing U.A.E Power Generation Projects
4.19 Ongoing U.A.E. Power Transmission and Distribution Projects.
5.1 Tariff Rates under AADC and ADDC
5.2 Tariff Rates under DEWA
5.3 Tariff Rates under SEWA
5.4 Tariff Rates under FEWA
6.1 Successful IPPs/IWPPs and Future Projects in UAE
6.2 Future Projects: IPPs/ IWPPS

1.1 UAE Power Sector in a Snapshot
2.1 Composition of World Power Generation in 2000 (Values in Billion kWh)
2.2 Non Hydroelectric Renewables in 2000 (Values in Billion KWH)
2.3 Composition of World Power Generation in 2011 (Values in Billion kWh
2.4 Non Hydroelectric Renewables in 2011 (Values in Billion KWH)
2.5 Total Power Generation Geography Wise
2.6 World Power Capacity (Values in Million KW) (2011)
2.7 Analysis of World Averages in Per Capita Consumption of Power
3.1 GDP - Hydro Carbon v/s Non Hydro Carbon
3.2 GDP Growth v/s Inflation
3.3 Power Consumption in UAE v/s other GCC
3.4 Per Capita Power Consumption of UAE v/s other GCC Economies
3.5 Electricity Consumption by User (GWh) in 2011
3.6 Energy Generation by Fuel Type
3.7 Region Wise Distribution of Consumption – 2011 Data
4.1 Demand Forecast of Electricity for ADWEC till 2020
4.2 Peak Demand Growth from 2006 to 2011 for AADC, ADDC
4.3 DEWA - Peak Demand v/s Installed Capacity
4.4 Demand - Supply Analysis of SEWA
4.5 Demand - Supply Pattern of FEWA
4.6 Electricity Generation by Power Plants in 2011
4.7 Electrical Network - United Arab Emirates
5.1 GCCIA Project Map
5.2 GCCIA Power Grid Electrical Map
6.1 Total Fixed Investments in UAE
6.2 UAE Government Expenditure
7.1 Average Daily Sunlight hours
7.2 Investments in Alternate Energy in USD Millions (Till 2020)



UAE Power

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