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Despite being rich in natural resources, Egypt is plagued by political and economic instability. Power subsidies that have existed for a long time, ha.....


Despite being rich in natural resources, Egypt is plagued by political and economic instability. Power subsidies that have existed for a long time, have come into question for their sustainability and their impact on the economy. Problems with existing infrastructure that have produced widespread transmission and distribution problems, declining oil production and natural gas exports, and lack of technical expertise to scale up the power infrastructure are causing the widening gap between demand and consumption. All this, coupled with depleting resources and global environmental awareness have prompted the Egypt government to increase the share of renewable resources in power generation.

In this report, we have analyzed the structural setup of the Egypt power sector, and briefly discuss the laws and regulations that are applicable and the political situation that plagues the country. The report provides an overview of the power sector, including demand and supply dynamics, and the various sources that are being used to generate electricity. Furthermore, the report also covers the scope in Egypt for renewable and nuclear energy, along with the challenges in power sector for the various stakeholders.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Egypt Power Sector
  3. Power Sector
  4. Structural Setup
    • Egyptian Electrical Holding Company
    • Hydro Power Projects Executive Authority
    • Atomic Energy Authority
    • Nuclear Power Plants Authority
    • New and Renewable Energy Authority
    • Egypt Transmission and Distribution
    • Egypt Power Sector Investments
  5. Political Situation
  6. Law and Regulation
  7. Scope of Renewable and Nuclear energy
    • Solar Power
    • Hydro
    • Wind
    • Geothermal
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Emergence of Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  8. Challenges
    • Global Power Scenario
    • Future Technological Advancements
    • Electricity Lines Across the country & key power installations
    • List of Ongoing Power Projects in Egypt

Tables & Charts

2.1 Egypt-Statistics
3.1 Egypt Power Capacity Forecast 2012-20
3.2 Egypt Power Consumption Forecast (2010-2020)
3.3 Egypt Electricity Prices by Voltage (PT/KWh)
3.4 Egypt Electricity Prices – Residential Sector
3.5 Egypt Electricity Prices – Commercial Sector (PT/KWh)
3.6 Government spending on subsidies
3.7 Egypt Spending on Food and Petroleum Subsidies
3.8 Egypt Electricity Cost and Subsidies, 2010
3.9 Egypt Natural Gas Cost and Subsidies, 2010
3.10 Egypt Petroleum Cost and Subsidies, 2010
3.11 Egypt Energy Subsidies Comparison (2003-2010)
4.1 EETC Capacity of transformers (MVA) as on 30/6/2011
4.2 EETC Length of circle (Km) as on 30/6/2011
4.3 Egypt Sixth Five Year Plan
4.4 Egypt Seventh Five Year Plan
9.1 CAGR of Power Generation – Region Wise
9.2 CAGR of Power Consumption – Region Wise
9.3 Major Wind farm projects ongoing worldwide

1.1 Egypt Ministry of Electricity and Energy
2.1 Egypt Population (2000-2012)
2.2 Egypt GDP growth (per cent), 2002-2018
2.3 Tourist Arrivals in Egypt (million) 2000-2013
2.4 Travel and Tourism direct contribution to GCP (In USD billion and per cent terms), 2000-2013
2.5 Total oil production and consumption in Egypt, 2000-2012 (‘000 bbl/d)
2.6 Egypt Export of Crude Oil, 2012
2.7 Total natural gas production and consumption in Egypt, 2000-2011 (billion cubic feet)
2.8 Egypt Natural Gas Exports, 2000-2011 (billion cubic feet)
2.9 Egypt LNG Exports, 2012
3.1 Egypt Total power Generation (2000-2011)
3.2 Egypt power Generation by sources (2000-2011)
3.3 Egypt Power Consumption, Generation comparison (2000-2011), in billion kWh
3.4 Egypt per Capita Power Consumption (2000 -2011)
3.5 Egypt Power Consumption by Sector, 2011-12
3.6 Structure of Petroleum subsidies, 2012-13
3.7 Egypt Energy Subsidies as Percentage of GDP and Budget
4.1 Electricity authorities and companies
4.2 Egypt Power Sector Structure
4.3 Key Oil and Natural Gas infrastructure in Egypt
9.1 World Energy Mix, 2013
9.2 Composition of World Power Generation in 2008 (Values in Billion kWh)
9.3 Total Power Generation Geography Wise
9.4 Total Power Consumption Geography Wise



Egypt Power

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