UAE Ports

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Increase in trade, global oil demand and economic diversification drive the need for growth of ports and free trade zones. UAE, an important re-export.....


Increase in trade, global oil demand and economic diversification drive the need for growth of ports and free trade zones. UAE, an important re-export hub, has made the highest investments in seaport sector in the GCC. The re-export of merchandise goods and the development of major Free trade zones such as Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) in Dubai have helped attract Foreign Direct Investment, diversify UAE’s economy and increase non-hydrocarbon trade. Many mega projects are currently underway with focus on Abu Dhabi and Dubai to enhance capacity in both passenger and container traffic.

In this report, we have listed the current and future projects in the Seaport Sector both in the GCC and UAE Ports. The report provides a brief on the major UAE ports, the expansion projects currently underway and the analysis of port volume and trade in the country.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. GCC Seaports
    • Overview
    • GCC Port Development Projects
    • GCC World Trade
    • Economic Benefits of Seaports
    • Drivers for Port Development
    • Importance of Suez Canal
  3. UAE Seaport Sector
    • Overview
    • Upcoming and Ongoing Projects
    • UAE World Trade
    • UAE Re-exports
    • UAE- EU trade
    • UAE-US trade
    • UAE-India trade
    • UAE-China trade
    • UAE-Japan trade
    • UAE’s Growing Importance in World Trade
    • UAE Vision 2021
    • The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030
  4. Abu Dhabi Ports
    • Overview
    • Port Authority and Operator
    • Mina Zayed Port
    • Mussafah Port
    • Khalifa Port
    • Free Port
    • Other Upcoming Projects
  5. Dubai Ports
    • Overview
    • Port Authority
    • Jebel Ali Port
    • Port Rashid
  6. Sharjah Ports
    • Overview
    • Port Authority
    • Source: Sharjah Ports Authority, Gulftainer Company Limited, Markaz Research
    • Port Khalid
    • KhorFakkan
    • Hamriyah Port
  7. Fujairah Port
    • Overview
    • Fujairah Port
  8. Ajman Port
    • Overview
    • Ajman Port
  9. Ras Al-Khaimah ports
    • Overview
    • Mina Saqr Port
    • Port Authority
  10. Umm Al-Quwain Ports
    • Overview
    • Ahmed Bin Rashid Port
  11. Key Learning Points

Tables & Charts

2.1 Major Seaports in the GCC
2.2 Container Ports World Ranking 2013
2.3 Seaports projects in GCC
2.4 GCC as percentage of World trade
2.5 Suez Canal performance (2000-13)
3.1 List of UAE Ports
3.2 Major UAE ports volume trend(000 TEUs)
3.3 Major UAE Seaport Projects
3.4 Hydrocarbon Exports as a percentage of Total UAE Exports
3.5 UAE Merchandise Trade Trend (USDbn)
4.1 Mina Zayed ports volume trend(000 TEUs)
4.2 Mubadala’s Credit Ratings
4.3 Mussafah Port II development Timeline
4.4 Project timeline for Shahama Port Upgrade
5.1 Jebel Ali ports volume trend (000 TEUs)
5.2 Project Timeline for Jebel Ali Terminal 3
6.1 Sharjah ports volume trend (000 TEUs), 2008-12
7.1 Fujairah port volume (000s TEU)

2.1 GCC Ports Market Share by Container Traffic 2012
2.2 Forecasted port capacity, throughput and utilization of GCC ports
2.3 World Trade Trend: Imports and Exports (USDbn)
2.4 GCC Trade Trend: Imports and Exports with the world (USDbn)
2.5 GCC Forecasted growth in Imports and Exports (%)
2.6 GCC Trade Balance (USDbn)
2.7 Major GCC trade partners (% of trade volume, % contribution to trade surplus in brackets)
2.8 World Container traffic and GDP
2.9 GCC Real GDP Growth(%)
2.10 Suez Canal map
3.1 Sea Connectivity of UAE ports with rest of the World
3.2 Forecasted Port Volume (TEUs mn) and Total Trade (USDbn) of UAE
3.3 UAE-EU Trade Trend (Euro bn)
3.4 UAE-US Trade Trend (USD bn)
3.5 UAE-India Trade Trend (USD bn)
3.6 UAE-Japan Trade Trend (USDbn)
3.7 Forecasted increase in non-oil GDP of Abu Dhabi
4.1 Abu Dhabi’s main ports (Kahilfa, Mina Zayed and Mussafah port) location
4.2 Abu Dhabi Port Authority and Operator structure
4.3 Container traffic trend of Port Zayed 2004 – 2011 (TEUs 000)
4.4 General Cargo Volume Handled by Mina Zayed 2006 – 2011 (million tonnes)
4.5 Growth in cruise passenger traffic at Port Zayed (2009-2013
4.6 Mubadala’s Assets, Revenue and Total Equity 2008-2012 (USDbn)
5.1 Location of Dubai Ports
5.2 Dubai ports authority and operator structure
5.3 Container volume trend of Jebel Ali port (TEU 000s)
5.4 Bulk cargo traffic at Jebel Ali (Metric Ton 000s)
5.5 DP World Share price performance, 2008-14 (USD)
5.6 DP World revenue, 2009-13 (USDbn)
5.7 Number of companies at JAFZA 2001 - 2012
5.8 Cruise Passenger traffic (000s) and number of vessels at Port Rashid
6.1 Location of Sharjah Ports
6.2 Sharjah Ports port authority and operator structure
6.3 Container Volume trend in Port Khalid and KhorFakkan 2008-2012 (TEU 000s)
6.4 Hamriyah port passenger traffic 2007 to 2012
7.1 Fujairah Port Location
7.2 Fujairah port authority and operator structure
8.1 Ajman Port Location
8.2 Ajman port authority and operator structure
8.3 HWL Share Price performance, 2008-14 (in HKD)
8.4 HWL Revenue 2009-2013 (USDbn)
9.1 Mina Saqr port location
9.2 Ras Al-Khaimah port authority and operator structure
10.1 Ahmed Bin Rashid Port location



UAE Ports

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