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With an expected surge in trade value and container traffic over the next few years and increases in both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon exports, it .....


With an expected surge in trade value and container traffic over the next few years and increases in both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon exports, it is essential that Qatar continues to invest in port developments. Qatar has 4 main ports: Doha Port, RasLaffan, Masaieed and Al Ruwais. While there are no free trade zones in Qatar adjacent to ports, there are industrial cities such as RasLaffan Industrial City and Masaieed Industrial City. Further investments in Qatar ports would help attract more FDI and decrease the country’s dependency on oil and gas exports. 

In this report, we have listed the current and future projects in the Seaport Sector, both in the GCC and Qatar Ports. The report provides a brief on the major Qatar ports, the expansion projects currently underway and the analysis of port volume and trade in the country.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. GCC Seaports
    • Overview
    • GCC port development projects
    • Drivers for GCC Port development
  3. 3. Qatar Seaport Sector
    • Overview
    • Upcoming and Ongoing Projects
    • Doha Port
    • RasLaffan
    • Port Development Projects
    • Al Ruwais Port Up gradation
    • New Doha Port
  4. Key Learning Points
  5. Appendix
    • Appendix 1: GCC World Trade
    • Appendix 2: Importance of Suez Canal
    • Appendix 3: Qatar World Trade

Tables & Charts

2.1 Major Seaports in the GCC
2.2 Container Traffic in GCC (in TEU’s)
2.3 Percentage Share of Container Traffic in GCC
2.4 Container Ports World ranking 2012
2.5 Seaports projects in GCC (2012-2030)
3.1 Qatar Ports
3.2 Snapshot of Qatar Merchandise Fleets
3.3 Major Qatar Seaport Projects
3.4 Imports, Exports and Re-exports through Doha Port (USDmn)
3.5 Doha port volume trend (000 TEUs)
3.6 Snapshot of Vessels operating in the Ras Laffan Port
3.7 Port Facilities
3.8 Project timeline for Ruwais Port Upgrade
5.1 GCC as percentage of World trade
5.2 Suez Canal performance (2000-13)
5.3 Hydrocarbon exports as a percentage of total Qatar exports
5.4 Qatar Merchandise Trade Trend

2.1 GCC Ports Market Share by Container Traffic 2012
2.2 Merchandise fleet in GCC countries by flag of registration
2.3 Forecasted port capacity, throughput and utilization of GCC ports
2.4 GCC Real GDP Growth(%)
2.5 GDP and Total Exports from Qatar (in USD bn)
3.1 Forecasted Port Volume (TEUs 000s) and Total Trade (USD bn) of Qatar
3.2 Qatar’s main ports location
3.3 Container traffic trend of Doha port 2005 – 2011 (TEUs 000)
3.4 General cargo volume handled by Doha Port 2005 – 2011 (million tonnes)
3.5 Qatar Navigation Share Prices (QR)
3.6 Qatar Navigation Revenue 2007-2013 (USDmn)
5.1 World Trade Trend: Imports and Exports, 2005-12 (USDbn)
5.2 GCC Trade Trend : Imports and Exports with the world, 2005-12 (USDbn)
5.3 GCC Forecasted growth in Imports and Exports (%)
5.4 GCC trade balance 2005-13 (USDbn)
5.5 Major GCC trade partners (% of trade volume, % contribution to trade surplus in brackets)
5.6 Suez Canal map
5.7 Qatar-EU trade trend: Exports,Imports and trade balance(USDbn)
5.8 Qatar-Japan trade trend: Imports, Exports and trade balance (USDbn)
5.9 Qatar-India trade trend: Imports, Exports and trade balance (USDmn)
5.10 Qatar-S. Korea trade trend (USD mn)
5.11 Qatar-Singapore trade trend (USD mn)



Qatar Ports

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