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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) represents the largest market for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the Middle East in terms of c.....


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) represents the largest market for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the Middle East in terms of capital and volume of spending. KSA government focus on developing knowledge based industries is evident from its increased budgetary allocation and establishment of economic cities, which augurs well for the KSA ICT sector.

In this report, we have highlighted Saudi Arabia ICT investment trends and provided forecasts across Hardware, Software, IT services and Communication categories. Growth drivers and Government initiatives to promote ICT sector have been dealt with. Profile of key players, investment opportunities available in IT services, IT application market and across IT value chain have been examined. The report concludes with a discussion of KSA ICT infrastructure, accessibility and usage indicators with respect to other GCC countries.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. ICT in the Kingdom
    • Size & Growth of Industry
    • ICT Readiness: Infrastructure & Access Indicators
    • ICT Intensity & Usage Indicators
  3. Growth Drivers
  4. ICT Spending in KSA
  5. Regulatory Environment
  6. Role of Government in ICT Sector Development
  7. Key Players
    • Mobile Service Providers
    • Internet Service Providers
    • IT Service Providers
  8. Investment Opportunities
    • Main IT Markets
    • Application Market
    • Opportunities across IT Value Chain
  9. SWOT Analysis
  10. KSA & GCC – Comparison
  11. Conclusions
    • Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX)

Tables & Charts

1.1 Expected ICT Spending in KSA by Category, 2013-2018
2.1 Saudi Arabia ICT Market Growth Trends, 2007-13
5.1 ICT Regulatory Landscape
5.2 Level of Competition 2013
5.3 ICT Act, Law & Regulation
7.1 Key financials - Saudi Telecom Company
7.2 Key Metrics - Saudi Telecom Company
7.3 Key financials - Etihad Etisalat (Mobily)
7.4 Key Metrics - Etihad Etisalat (Mobily)
7.5 Key financials – Zain KSA
7.6 Key Metrics – Zain KSA

2.1 KSA Telephone Subscriptions (in millions), 2001-13
2.2 KSA Telephone Penetration Rates (in %), 2001-13
2.3 International Internet Bandwidth (Gbps)
2.4 Internet Usage and Penetration levels
2.5 Broadband Penetration level (in %)
3.1 ICT Price Basket
4.1 ICT Spending in Saudi Arabia (in USD, billions)
4.2 ICT Spending by Sector (in 2012)
5.4 Software Piracy Rates
7.1 Mobile Market Share by Active Mobile Subscribers, 2013
7.2 Average Revenue Per User in KSA (USD), 2013
7.3 STC Revenues by Service, 2013
10.1 Fixed-broadband internet subscribers per 100 people, 2013
10.2 ICT goods exports (% of total goods exports), 2012
10.3 ICT goods imports (% total goods imports), 2012
10.4 Internet users per 100 people, 2013
10.5 Mobile subscriptions per 100 people, 2013



Saudi ICT

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