UAE Aviation

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Even before the unity of seven emirates, United Arab Emirates had taken small steps into the aviation world. On account of its geographical location, .....


Even before the unity of seven emirates, United Arab Emirates had taken small steps into the aviation world. On account of its geographical location, leadership and increasing globalization, the UAE aviation sector began to grow very rapidly. Emergence of UAE as a safe haven in the Middle East, continued growth of religious and retail tourism, rise of UAE as a business hub, and its emergence as the ideal transit point, connecting the Eastern and the Western hemispheres have served the aviation sector well. This has led to growth of carriers of international stature, such as Emirates (Dubai) and Etihad (Abu Dhabi).
​In this report, we take a look at the sector’s contribution to UAE’s GDP, investments that are being made, and factors influencing the demand for the sector. The report provides details of passenger and cargo traffic, and the growth of major UAE airlines and airport expansions. The report also discusses the government regulators, and other organisations that control the UAE aviation industry.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. UAE Aviation Sector:  Historical Background
  3. Demand Drivers in the UAE Aviation Sector
  4. Major Airlines of UAE
  5. Major Airports in UAE
    • Dubai International Airport- (DXB)
    • Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Central (DWC)
    • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
    • Sharjah International Airport
    • Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
    • Fujairah International Airport
  6. Government Regulators & Other Organizations
  7. Annexure

Tables & Charts

4.1 Emirates Profile
4.2 Etihad Profile
4.3 Air Arabia Fleet Profile
4.4 Fly Dubai Fleet Profile
5.1 Airport Expansion Projects in DWC at execution stage
5.2 Airport Expansion Projects in Abu Dhabi
7.1 Landing Charges
7.2 Aircraft Parking Charges
7.3 Aerobridge occupancy charges
7.4 Landing Charges
7.5 Aircraft Parking Charges
7.6 Fire Coverage charge
7.7 Landing Charges
7.8 Passenger Aircraft Parking Charges
7.9 Cargo Aircraft Parking charges

2.1 Time Line for opening of various Airports
4.1 Operating Routes
4.2 Fly Dubai Routes
5.1 Top 16 Busiest Airports in the world in 2015 in terms of passenger traffic (in millions)
5.2 Growth in Passenger Traffic (in mn) US (ATL) and London (LHR) and DXB
5.3 Top 10 busiest airports in the world in terms of cargo volume (in million metric tonnes, Loaded and unloaded)
5.4 Cargo Volume Handled at DXB (in million metric tonnes)
5.5 Timeline for Dubai International Airport Development
5.6 Cargo Volume Handled at DWC (in tonnes)
5.7 Growth in Passenger Traffic (in mn) at AUH
5.8 Growth in Cargo Volume at AUH (in ‘000 tonnes)
5.9 Growth in Passenger Traffic (in millions) at Sharjah International Airport
5.10 Cargo Volume (in ‘000 tonnes) at Sharjah International Airport
5.11 Air Craft Movement at Sharjah International Airport
6.1 Dubai Aviation Ownership Structure



UAE Aviation

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