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Aviation sector in Kuwait appears to be in a challenging phase with the slow privatization of Kuwait Airways and the ongoing profitable years of Jazee.....


Aviation sector in Kuwait appears to be in a challenging phase with the slow privatization of Kuwait Airways and the ongoing profitable years of Jazeera Airways. Kuwait Airways has recently ordered 25 new airbus aircrafts while, Jazeera airways has taken delivery of 14 new airbus A320 aircrafts. Several factors like favorable geographical location, cheaper aviation fuel, large expat population and high income levels are rooting for the aviation industry. Moreover, government’s airport expansion plans including multiple projects, increasing the airport capacity by almost 13 million are giving it a further boost.

The report on Kuwait aviation sector profiles the airline carriers, outlines their growth trajectory and discusses their business strategy. Sustainable, long-term growth drivers have been identified and presented along with challenges to portray the industry dynamics. SWOT analysis of the industry has been presented. Data and analysis has been supplemented with statistics from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), corporate annual reports, industry bodies such as International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), CAPA – Centre for Aviation and websites of respective airports.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Industry Overview
    • Historical Background
  3. Growth Drivers
    • Cheaper Aviation Fuel
    • Favorable Geographic Location
    • High Income Levels
    • Airport Expansion Plans
    • Fleet Expansion
  4. Industry Outlook
  5. Major Airlines
    • Kuwait Airways Corporation
    • Jazeera Airways
    • Failure of Wataniya Airways
  6. Kuwait International Airport
  7. Directorate General of Civil Aviation
  8. Challenges
    • Privatization Challenges
    • Lack of Secondary Airports
    • Stiff Competition
    • Overcapacity Concerns
    • Outdated Airport
    • Low Capacity
  9. Trends
    • Low Cost Carriers
    • New Airport terminals
    • Internet Connectivity at the airport
    • Chartered Plane Market
  10. SWOT Analysis

Tables & Charts

2.1 Growth in Passenger and Freight Traffic (in CAGR), 2009-2013
3.1 Kuwait International Airport Infrastructure
3.2 Infrastructure at Dubai International Airport and Frankfurt Airport
5.1 Kuwait Airways fleet, 2014
5.2 Destinations comparison with other Middle East airlines
5.3 Jazeera Airways market share figures for 2013
5.4 Key Financials – Jazeera Airways (in USD million)
5.5 Key Ratios – Jazeera Airways
5.6 Valuation Ratios – Jazeera Airways
6.1 Airport Expansion Projects at Kuwait International Airport
7.1 Country-wise regulators with establishment date
8.1 Comparison with number of employees and fleet size as of 2013

3.1 Global Jet Fuel Prices (USD/bbl)
3.2 GDP per capita, Kuwait, 2009-2013
4.1 Growth in airline traffic and cargo traffic (in %) in the world, 2012 -2032
5.1 Fleet age (years) of the Middle East Airlines, 2014
5.2 Kuwait Airways Route Map
5.3 Ownership Structure after privatization
5.4 Ownership structure of Jazeera Airways, 2013
5.5 Jazeera Airways Route Map
5.6 Sahaab’s share in the revenue and net profit, 2011-2013
5.7 Net Income (KWD mn), Jazeera Airways, 2009-2013
5.8 2013 Passenger load factor (PLF) of Jazeera Airways compared with other LCCs
5.9 Passengers reducing but yield (KWD fils) increasing, 2010 – 2013
5.10 Jazeera Airways Monthly share price, 2008 – 2013
6.1 Number of passengers at the KIA (in mn), 2009-2013
6.2 Number of passengers at the Dubai International Airport (in mn), 2009-2013
6.3 Freight traffic at the KIA (in mn metric tonnes), 2009-2013
6.4 Freight traffic at the Dubai International Airport (in mn metric tonnes), 2009-2013
6.5 Number of flights (in 000’s), 2008-2013



Kuwait Aviation

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