UAE Luxury Retail

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Luxury retailing is a thriving business in UAE - propelled by affluent locals, splurging expatriates, growing brand-aware youthful population and deep.....


Luxury retailing is a thriving business in UAE - propelled by affluent locals, splurging expatriates, growing brand-aware youthful population and deep-pocketed tourists. Dubai alone represents 30% of the total Middle East luxury sales, and 60% of the UAE’s luxury sales, and remains the second most important international retail destination, after London. There are 300 retail brands in the UAE, with 80 new ones entering the market between 2014 and 2015, and there are 80 service brands as well. In Dubai, it is estimated that around 471,000sq meter will be added to the present retail space by 2016, including the eagerly awaited Mall of the World. The number of malls has been steadily rising in the UAE, such as Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi in 2014. But increasing rental costs and high competition continue to challenge existing players in the sector. With the world’s highest penetration of Fiber-to-the-home, luxury online retail market is estimated to grow in a big way, in the coming years.
The report analyses the current status of the luxury retail in UAE, along with an in-depth discussion of the various segments that form a part of it. It details the methods through which local and international players can set up their outlets, and the various medium used for sale of luxury goods, along with their advantages and disadvantages. The report then elaborates on where the UAE luxury retail is headed, and lists the growth drivers for and the challenges faced by the sector. Finally, it provides a brief on the major business groups that are involved in UAE’s luxury retail market, such as Chalhoub, Damas Jewelery, Rivoli etc., including the brands they represent, and their geographical spread across the region.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Overview of Luxury retail in the UAE
  3. Segments in Luxury retail
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Automobiles
    • Apparels / Textiles
    • Watches & Jewelry
    • Accessories (Footwear& Handbags)
    • Cosmetics & Fragrance
    • Others
  4. Entry of Luxury retail
    • Franchise
    • Joint Venture
  5. Luxury Retail formats
    • Malls
    • Hyper Markets
    • Online shopping
  6. Retail Infrastructure & Spending
  7. Growth Drivers
    • Affluent population
    • Higher per capita income
    • Grand malls and shopping complexes
    • Franchise Businesses
    • Growth in Tourism sector
    • Increasing preference of international retailers
    • Growing brand conscious population
  8. Challenges
    • Increased competition
    • Higher number of malls
    • Counterfeiting
    • Limited workforce
    • Rental costs
  9. Appendix 1
    • Luxury Players Profile
  10. Appendix 2
    • Prominent Malls in the UAE
  11. Appendix 3
    • Upcoming Malls in the UAE

Tables & Charts

1.1: Prominent malls in the UAE
2.1: 2014 Global Retail Development Index
3.1: Major Consumer Electronics brands and their presence
3.2: Major Automobile brands and their presence
3.3: Major Apparel brands and their presence
3.4: Major Consumer Watches/Jewelry brands and their presence
3.5: Major Accessory brands and their presence
3.6: Major Cosmetics & Fragrance brands and their presence
3.7: Other major brands and their presence
4.1: Maximum per cent of ownership in a corporate franchise, 2014
5.1: Prominent malls and their footfalls
5.2: Characteristics of Various Mall Type
6.1: Prominent Malls Existing in Abu Dhabi
6.2: Upcoming Malls in Abu Dhabi
6.3: Retail Rentals in Abu Dhabi
6.4: Upcoming Malls in Dubai
6.5: Prominent Malls Existing in Dubai
7.1: Growth in GDP per Capita Income 2009-2014 (CAGR in %)
7.2: GRDI Rankings, 2014

2.1: Age-wise population in the UAE, 2014
2.2: GDP per capita on a PPP basis, 2014 (in 000’s)
2.3: Private Wealth in the UAE  2009-2013 (USD mn)
3.1: FTTH/B Global Ranking – Feb 2015
3.2: 2014 Global Retail Development Index
5.1: Internet users (per 100 people) in the UAE, 2008 - 2014
6.1: Existing and Future Retail Space (in sq. m) AbuDhabi
6.2: Existing and Future Retail Space (in sq. m), Dubai
7.1: Growth of Private Wealth within segments in GCC region (USD billion)
7.2: Growth of Private Wealth within segments in GCC region (in USD Bn)
7.3: GCC per Capita Income Levels (in USD), 2014
7.4: Tourist arrivals in GCC (in millions)
7.5: Leisure Tourism & Spend in UAE (in USD billions)
7.6: GRDI parameters’ out of a score of 100, 2014  
7.7: GRDI country Attractiveness, 2014



UAE Luxury Retail

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