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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been continuously striving to diversify its economy away from being solely dependent on oil & gas industry. In thi.....


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been continuously striving to diversify its economy away from being solely dependent on oil & gas industry. In this sense, the retail industry has proven to be a prudent and effective choice. Higher per capita income and younger demographic profile augurs well for the retail demand. Additionally, the regional governments have been emphasizing to improve their infrastructure to bring in an influx of tourist to their countries. In the last few years, a number of grand malls, shopping complexes and retail stores have opened across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to augment the retail shopping experience. Super market and hyper market players like Panda group, Al Othaim, Bin Dawood and Danube have expanded their retail space by opening more stores. With such positive developments and encouraging trends, the Saudi Arabian retail industry is set to grow further in the near future.
The report provides retail market size across multiple segments such as electronics, apparel/textiles, food & beverage, furniture and personal care products. It also captures the transformation of retail format from traditional souqs to modernized malls in Saudi Arabia. Existing retail infrastructure and expected supply have been analyzed. Franchise options in KSA retail have been discussed at great length. Emerging trends have been identified and the challenges have been listed out. 


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Industry Overview
    • Retail Trade Component as Percentage of GDP
  3. Growth Drivers
    • Favorable Demographics
    • Rising Consumption Power
    • Stronger Economic Growth
    • Tourism
    • Changing Lifestyle
    • Consumer Confidence
  4. Retail Market Sizing
  5. Retail Segments
    • Food, Beverage and Tobacco
    • Apparel/Textiles
    • Footwear
    • Personal Care
    • Home Furniture and Textiles
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Recreation
    • Pharmaceutical Products
  6. Retail Formats
    • Souq
    • Bakalas
    • High-Street
    • Department Store
    • Discount Stores
    • Hyper Markets
    • Malls
  7. Retail Infrastructure
  8. Franchise in Retail
    • Overview
    • Franchise Types
  9. Emerging Trends
    • Increasing preference of international retailers
    • Growth in sub franchising
    • Online and Mobile Retailing/E-commerce
    • Luxury Retailing
    • Private Labels
    • Sub Franchising
    • Religious Tourism
  10. Challenges
    • Wider Competition
    • Brand ownership
    • Supply Chain
    • Scarce Workforce
    • Counterfeiting
    • Legal jurisdiction
    • Shifting Consumer Behavior
  11. Conclusion
    • Methodology
    • List of KSA Retail Players

Tables & Charts

2.1: The Big Spenders Index, 2015
3.1: KSA 2014 vs 2013 scores
4.1: Major retail market players in Saudi Arabia
5.1: KSA Retail Market Size across Segments (USD bn) 
6.1: Types of Retail Format
6.2: Major High-Streets in Saudi Arabia
6.3: Characteristics of Various Mall Type
7.1: Prominent Malls Existing in Riyadh
7.2: Upcoming Malls in Riyadh
7.3: Upcoming Malls in Jeddah
7.4: Prominent Malls Existing in Jeddah
8.1: Percentage ownership in a corporate franchise, 2014
8.2: Leading companies in KSA and their franchise brands 
9.1: GRDI Rankings, 2014
9.2: GRDI Retail Apparel Index, 2013
9.3: Retail Developments in Makkah & Madinah
10.1: Saudi nationals to be employed under nitaqat scheme

2.1: KSA Retail Trade (in USD billions) and as % of GDP 
3.1: Saudi Arabia Population (in million)
3.2: GCC Demographic Profile by Age Group, 2010
3.3: Per capita income based on PPP, 2014 (USD)
3.4: Per Capita Income Levels based on PPP (USD)
3.5: Real GDP Growth 
3.6: Tourist arrivals in KSA vs GCC (in 000’s)
3.7: Leisure Tourism & Spend in KSA (USD bn)
4.1: KSA Retail Market Size (USD bn)
4.2: KSA Retail by Food and Non-Food Segments (USD bn)
4.3: Saudi Retail Market Composition by Segment, 2015e
5.1: Retail Market Structure
5.2: Consumer Expenditure on Food, beverage and tobacco in KSA (USD bn)
5.3: KSA Apparel Market Size (USD bn)
5.4: KSA Footwear Market Size (USD bn)
5.5: KSA Personal Care Products Market Demand (USD bn)
5.6: KSA Furniture & Home Furnishing Market Size (USD bn)
5.7: KSA Consumer Appliances Market Size (USD bn)
5.8: KSA Recreation market size (USD billions)
5.9: KSA market size for pharmaceutical products (USD billions)
7.1: Existing and Future Retail Space (in sq m) Riyadh
7.2: Existing and Future Retail Space (in sq m) Jeddah 
9.1: Market attractiveness (score out of 100), 2014
9.2: GRDI country Attractiveness, 2014
9.3: Mobile Penetration over the Years, KSA
9.4: Traditional Franchisee Structure
9.5: Sub Franchisee Structure
9.6: Pilgrim Arrivals at Makkah & Medinah during Haj (in million)



Saudi Retail

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