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Growth in Qatar banking sector has been well supported by lending opportunities associated with implementation of large scale infrastructure projects,.....


Growth in Qatar banking sector has been well supported by lending opportunities associated with implementation of large scale infrastructure projects, envisioned as part of Qatar National Vision 2030. Acceleration of investment programs ahead of hosting FIFA World Cup in 2022 bodes well for the banking sector. Deposit growth which hitherto had been driven by government and state-owned enterprises are currently supported by private and non-resident deposits. Banks in Qatar remains well-capitalized, despite fall in public sector deposits and has been expanding internationally. Loans to public sector which had grown traditionally faster than loans to private sector, decelerated during 2012-15. While private sector credit growth maintained its stable growth rate in line with the on-going diversification of the economy. On an overall basis, higher lending, low cost of funding and lower provisioning requirements have assisted in the continued profitability growth of Qatari banks.

In this report, we have analyzed the performance of Qatar banking sector and framed expectations until 2017. The report assesses the Qatari banks based on metrics, such as loans, assets and deposits. Regulatory developments introduced by Qatar Central Bank (QCB), key trends and the challenges in the sector have been discussed. In addition, a dedicated section on Qatari banks' profile, stock market performance and liquidity metrics have been included.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Flourishing Qatar banking sector
    • Qatar Economy
    • Table 2.1: Key Projects in Qatar (USD bn)
    • Source: IIF, Marmore Research
    • Qatar Banking Sector
  3. Private sector lending has risen in recent past
    • Non-Performing Loans to Total Loans Ratio
    • Concentration risk
  4. Government deposits have declined due to low oil price
    • Loan to Deposit Ratios
  5. Steady profitability in the overall banking sector
    • Net Income
    • Net Interest Margin
    • Figure 5.3: Net Interest Margin, Qatar Banks
    • Cost to Income Ratio
  6. Loan growth expected to decline as private sector gets crowded out
  7. Qatar issues sovereign bonds to tide over deficit
    • Selective Public Spending
    • Low Interbank Offer Rates
    • Development of Sukuk Market in the Qatar
  8. Strategies for 2016 and beyond
    • Expand the regional footprint
    • Scope for Islamic Banking
  9. IFRS changes will be incorporated by 2018
    • Basel Accords
    • Governor Appointments
  10. Islamic banking profile rises in Qatar
    • Qatar National Bank (QNB)
    • Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ)
    • Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB)
    • Masraf Al Rayan
    • Doha Bank
    • Al Khaliji Commercial Bank
    • Qatar International Islamic Bank
    • Ahli Bank
  11. Masraf Al Rayan has the highest return per unit of risk
  12. Appendix
    • Credit Rating
    • HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • United Bank Limited

Tables & Charts

1.1    Qatar Banks Key Metrics, 2015 (USD mn)
2.1    Key Projects in Qatar (USD bn)
2.2    Credit Growth (in %)
2.3    Qatar Banking Metrics
3.1    Loans to Private and Public Sector as % of total loans
3.2    Classification of Loans to Public Sector and their growth
3.3    Classification of Loans to Private Sector and their growth
3.4    Tier 1 and Capital Adequacy Ratios, 2009-15
4.1    Qatar Banking System Funding
4.2    Types of Deposits
6.1    Performance forecast of Qatar Banking Sector
8.1    M&A in Qatar Banking Sector (Financial Services)
9.1    Bank and Non-Bank Institutions in Qatar
9.2    Other Macro-prudential Instruments
10.1    Financial Highlights, QNB
10.2    Financial Highlights, CBQ
10.3    Financial Highlights, Qatar Islamic Bank
10.4    Financial Highlights, Masraf Al Rayan
10.5    Financial Highlights, Doha Bank
10.6    Financial Highlights, Al Khaliji
10.7    Financial Highlights, Qatar International Islamic Bank
10.8    Financial Highlights, Ahli Bank
11.1    Qatar Bank, Stock Metrics
12.1    Ranking by Loans (in USD mn)
12.2    Ranking by Total Deposits (in USD mn)
12.3    Ranking by Total Assets (in USD mn)
12.4    Ranking by Total Equity (in USD mn)
12.5    Ranking by Total Revenues (in USD mn)
12.6    Ranking by Net Income (in USD mn)
12.7    Credit Ratings of Selective Banks
12.8    Banks under our analysis
12.9    List of Foreign Banks operating in Qatar

3.1    Qatar Non-performing Loans to Total Loans (%)
4.1    Government Deposits, (in USD bn), 2011-16
4.2    Liquid Assets to Total Assets, 2009-15
4.3    Loan to Deposit Ratio, Qatar Banks
5.1    Net Income, Qatar Banking
5.2    Concentration of the Qatar Banking profits with few banks (2015)
5.3    Net Interest Margin, Qatar Banks
5.4    Cost to Income Ratio, Qatar Banks
7.1    Qatar 3 month rate, 2013-16
7.2    Qatar Banking Foreign Assets (USD bn), 2012-16
7.3    Qatar Banking Foreign Assets (USD bn), 2012-16
11.1    Risk vs Return: Qatar Banking Stocks, 2010-2015



Qatar Banking

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