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Rising internet penetration and youthful population of GCC has increased the role of social media in all spheres in the GCC region. Today the public s.....


Rising internet penetration and youthful population of GCC has increased the role of social media in all spheres in the GCC region. Today the public spends more time on social media for peer interaction and information gathering. Businesses are trying to leverage social media marketing to build relationship with their customers, and GCC governments are following suit by adopting social media, and opening up channels of communication with their citizens. 
This report talks about the usage and penetration of various social media platforms in the GCC region, and explores the impact of social media on governance and business. The report also discusses the regulatory framework across the GCC that affect the use of social media. It also analyzes the drivers for and obstacles to growth, and provides a future outlook for social media usage in GCC.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Social Media
    • Functions: Impacts and Concerns
    • Types of users
  3. urrent state of social media in GCC 
    • Site usage 
    • User Demographics 
    • Role of Social Media in Arab Spring 
  4. Social Media impact on business in GCC 
    • Metrics for social media analytics
    • Path for future assessment 
  5. Regulatory framework 
    • Bahrain 
    • Kuwait 
    • Oman 
    • Qatar 
    • Saudi Arabia 
    • United Arab Emirates 
  6. Social Media usage by GCC Governments 
    • GCC Social Media Series 
  7. Growth Drivers 
    • Huge youth population 
    • Increasing Internet Penetration 
    • Advancements in technology environment 
    • Growth in education sector 
    • Growth of technology involvement in education 
  8. Challenges 
    • Lack of Arabic content 
    • Government Control 
    • Data Security Issues 
    • ROI assessment 
  9. Outlook 
    • Policy Developments 
  10. SWOT Analysis 
  11. Appendix A 
  12. Appendix B 

Tables & Charts

6.1 UNDESA e-government index and ranking, 2012
6.2 Social media adoption by GCC Governments (2013)

3.1 Social Networks' share of online time, Sep. 2013
3.2 Number of users of networking sites in GCC, May 2013 (in 000s)
3.3 Percentage penetration of social networking sites, May    2013
3.4 User penetration comparison across the globe, 2014 
3.5 Purpose of Social Media Usage in MENA, 2013
3.6 Facebook users age distribution in each GCC state, 2013
3.7 Age distribution of Facebook users in GCC, April 2014
3.8 Gender Distribution of Facebook users in GCC, April 2014
3.9 Response to source of news during Arab Spring
4.1 Top 5 Industries by Sum of Facebook Fans in GCC, 2014
7.1 Age distribution of GCC population, 2014
7.2 Internet Users per 100 people, 2008-2012
7.3 Facebook Users in Millions, 2010-2014
7.4 Internet bandwidth (kb/s) per Internet user, 2010-11
7.5 Internet access in schools, WEF ratings (2008-2013)
11.1 Use of social media marketing
11.2 Importance of Social Media for business
11.3 Years using social media marketing
11.4 Ability to measure social media activities
11.5 Integrated social activities
11.6 Weekly time commitment for social media marketing
11.7 Benefits of social media marketing
11.8 Most used platforms for social media marketing



GCC Social Media

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