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Kuwait is the eighth richest country in the world, in terms of average per capita income, and was ranked 10th globally in the 2015 Big Spenders Index,.....


Kuwait is the eighth richest country in the world, in terms of average per capita income, and was ranked 10th globally in the 2015 Big Spenders Index, and 4th in the 2013 Global Retail Apparel Index, with a very high market attractiveness score. While the major retail segments in the country are Consumer Electronics, Automobiles, Apparels, Watches & Jewelery, Footwear & Handbags and Cosmetics, high-end Fashion and Accessories enjoy a bigger share of the overall market in the luxury segment, operating through malls (The Avenues, Gate Mall, Kuwait Mall etc.), hypermarkets and online (Souq, Taw9eel etc.), with a young, growing affluent population driving the growth in this segment. The online retail medium is growing at a rapid pace at 11.4% CAGR, and is estimated to be worth over USD 1bn by 2020.
The report analyses the current status of luxury retail in Kuwait, along with a discussion on the various segments that form a part of it. It details the methods through which local and international players can set up their outlets, and the various medium used for sale of luxury goods, along with their advantages and disadvantages. The report then elaborates on where the Kuwait luxury retail is headed, and lists the growth drivers and challenges faced by the sector. Finally, it provides a brief on the major business groups that are involved in Kuwait’s luxury retail market, such as Al Tayer, Alshaya etc., including the brands they represent, and their geographical spread in the region.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Overview of Luxury retail in Kuwait
  3. Segments in Luxury retail
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Automobiles
    • Apparels / Textiles
    • Watches & Jewellery – (Hard luxury products)
    • Accessories (Footwear & Handbags)
    • Cosmetics & Fragrance
    • Others
  4. Entry form in Luxury retail and Legal framework
    • Franchise
    • Joint Venture
  5. Luxury Retail formats
    • Malls
    • Hyper Markets
    • Online shopping
  6. Retail Infrastructure & Spending
  7. Growth Drivers
    • Affluent population
    • Higher per capita income
    • Grand malls and shopping complexes
    • Franchise Businesses
    • Growth in Consumer spending
    • Increasing preference of international retailers
    • Growing brand conscious population
  8. Challenges
    • Falling oil prices
    • Increased competition
    • Counterfeiting
    • Limited workforce
    • Retail Rental costs
    • Imbalances in Business Environment
  9. Appendix
    • Kuwait’s Luxury Players Profile

Tables & Charts

1.1: Prominent malls in Kuwait
2.1: The Big Spenders Index, 2015
3.1: Major Consumer Electronics brands in Kuwait
3.2: Major Automobile brands in Kuwait
3.3: Major Apparel brands in Kuwait
3.4: Major Consumer Watches/Jewelry brands in Kuwait
3.5: Major Accessory brands in Kuwait
3.6: Major Cosmetic & Fragrance brands in Kuwait
3.7: Other major brands and their presence
4.1: Maximum percentage of ownership in a corporate franchise, 2014
4.2: Some successful franchisees in Kuwait
5.1: Characteristics of Various Mall Type
5.2: Retailers present in Avenues Mall
6.1: Upcoming Malls in Kuwait
7.1: Growth in per Capita Income Levels
7.2: GRDI Rankings, 2013-2014
8.1: Kuwait Ease of Doing Business and Starting a Business, 2014-15 Rankings
8.2: GCC Ease of Doing Business and components, 2015 Rankings
9.1: Leading Luxury Players in Kuwait
9.2: The Big Spenders Index, 2015

2.1: Population of Kuwait (in millions)
2.2: Age-wise population in Kuwait, 2014
3.1: 2013 Retail Apparel Index
2.3: GDP per capita of GCC countries on a PPP basis, 2014 (in 000’s)
5.1: Percentage of Individuals using the Internet in Kuwait
5.2: Kuwait- Age grouping of online shoppers, 2014
6.1: GDP per capita of Kuwait, 2009-18 (current international dollar)
6.2: Existing and Future Retail Space (in sq. m) in Kuwait
7.1: UHNWI population in Kuwait
7.2: Urbanization levels in 2014
7.3: Kuwait Per Capita Income Level in comparison with other countries at current prices (in USD), 2014
7.4: Growth in Consumer Spending in Kuwait (KWD millions)
7.5: Visitor Exports (Foreign spending in Kuwait) (in USD billion)
7.6: Leisure Tourism & Spend in Kuwait (in USD billion - real prices)
7.7: Expatriates in Kuwait



Kuwait Luxury Retail

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