Saudi Petrochemicals

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Petrochemicals have been one of the major focus areas of the Government of Saudi Arabia in the past few decades for several reasons. It is one of thos.....


Petrochemicals have been one of the major focus areas of the Government of Saudi Arabia in the past few decades for several reasons. It is one of those sectors in which Saudi Arabia enjoys a natural advantage due to the abundance of raw material. It also provides a means for diversification from the oil and gas sector which has been the major revenue generator across the GCC region. The petrochemical industry provides a lot of scope for local employment as well. All these factors align with the government’s agenda of job creation for the growing population, diversification into non-oil sectors making it one of the key sectors in Saudi Arabia. 

​In this report, we have analyzed the petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia as a whole and also the major players in the country. The current trends and regulations in the industry along with the pricing trends of raw materials and end products have been incorporated. The report also covers the growth drivers and challenges faced by this sector which will determine its future growth and also the role of petrochemical industry in the government’s plans to diversify the economy away from oil and gas.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Sector Overview: So far so good
    • Petrochemical and refining integration
  3. Price trends: Hits the bottom due to low oil prices
    • Prices of feed stock
    • Prices of petrochemicals
  4. Growth Spurred by Demand from Asian Markets
    • Increased demand from Asian Markets
    • Increasing markets for main by-products: Paints & Fertilizers
    • Cost Advantage
    • Government Support
    • Joint ventures are given a second thought in the region
  5. Key Challenges
    • Shifting to heavier feedstock and increasing natural gas supply from U.S market
    • Eroding margins leading to underperformance
    • Shortage of Feedstock availability
    • Self-sufficiency of production in China
  6. Outlook – Sluggish in short term and positive in long term
  7. Sector Analysis
    • Number of companies, production in terms of volume, value
  8. Major Players in the GCC Region
    • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
    • Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company (SAFCO) 
    • Yanbu Petrochemical Company (YANSAB)
    • Joint Ventures with Major International Players
Appendix 1: Petrochemical Industry Process Cycle
Appendix 2: Glossary
Appendix 3: Top 20 Saudi Arabian Petrochemical Projects by value

Tables & Charts

2.1    GCC Petrochemical Milestones
3.1    Price of petrochemicals (USD/Metric Tons)
4.1    Paints Demand growth (in %)
4.2    Natural Gas Price Estimates (in USD/mmbtu
5.1    Feedstock Prices across the globe
6.1    Top 10 Global Ethylene Producers
6.2    GCC Petrochemicals & Chemicals Capacity (MTPA)
7.1    CAGR of production capacity 2004 – 2014
8.1    Financials, SABIC – 2012 to 2016
8.2    Financials, SAFCO – 2012 to 2016
8.3    YANSAB’s Output Capacity
8.4    Financials, YANSAB, 2012-2016

2.1    Capacity of Petrochemical production (in mn tons)
2.2    Workforce Nationalization in Chemical Industry 2015  
2.3    Petrochemical Value Chain
3.1    Naphtha Prices, 2006-April 2017 (USD per ton)
3.2    ICIS Petrochemical Index (Month on Month) Changes
4.1    Real GDP Growth Rate in China and India (in %)
4.2    Chinese demand for petrochemicals 2015 -2020
4.3    Fertilizers Production Capacity of GCC countries (million tons)
4.4    Greater China Passenger Vehicle Sales (in million)
5.1    Saudi Petrochemical Companies vs global petrochemical companies (2011-2016)
5.2    Saudi Arabia – Feedstock Mix
5.3    Estimated reduction in Gas feed stock availability in GCC (in million cubic meters)
6.1    Prices of Key Petrochemical Commodities (in USD/ MT)
6.2    Real GDP Growth Rates (in %)
6.3    GCC Petrochemicals - Value of Investments - (US$ mn) – (Execution and Planning Phase)
7.1    Capacity of Basic Petrochemical production (in mn tons)
7.2    Workforce Nationalization in Chemical Industry 2015



Saudi Petrochemicals

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