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Saudi Arabia has witnessed improvements in the healthcare facilities over the past decade. Such a transformation could be largely attributed to the go.....


Saudi Arabia has witnessed improvements in the healthcare facilities over the past decade. Such a transformation could be largely attributed to the government investment and its commitment to provide world class healthcare facilities to its citizens. Many of the key healthcare indicators in Saudi Arabia have markedly increased over the past few years. In spite of the overall progress there are issues that need to be addressed by the Saudi Government and gaps that needs to be filled such as dearth of skilled labors, improving insurance awareness and increasing the availability of health care infrastructure. 

​In this report we analyses key areas in healthcare available in the country segment wise including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and health insurance. This report also focuses on health issues such as obesity, diabetes and dependence on import for medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Opportunities and Challenges in the Saudi Healthcare market have been discussed in this report. Forecasts on the size of healthcare market is presented.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Healthcare Market Overview: Improving facilities with government spending and investments
  3. Healthcare Infrastructure: Yet to match international standards
  4. Demography and lifestyle driving the demand
    • Population growth: Expected to reach 35 Mn in 2020
    • Prevalence of lifestyle diseases: alarming incidence of obesity among children
    • Lower healthcare expenditure
    • Medical Development and Infrastructure in GCC
  5. Overview of Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia
    • Health Insurance Penetration in Saudi Arabia: Ample scope for growth
    • Current Insurance Market Structure: Fragmented
  6. Pharmaceuticals Market in Saudi Arabia
  7. Medical Equipment Market – Strong growth forecasts
  8. Overview of Medical Professionals in Saudi Arabia
  9. Inpatient and Outpatient Analysis
  10. Healthcare and IT
    • Recent technological developments
  11. On-Going projects in the healthcare sector – Imperceptible Private Participation
  12. Recent Developments: Reducing government spending
    • Public Private Partnerships in Healthcare: Viable option in current scenario
    • Health care segment leads in M&A deals
  13. Regulatory Overview
  14. Challenges
    • Complexity and Lack of Standardization in Regulation
    • Increasing Differentiation between Expatriates in Terms of Skills
    • Poor Business Environment – 84th rank in Ease of doing business
  15. Company Profiles
    • Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO)
    • Mouwasat Medical Services Company
    • National Medical Care Company
  16. Appendix
    • Key Healthcare Indicators
    • On – Going Projects in KSA
    • PPP Projects – Model
    • Providers
    • Payors
    • Suppliers
    • Educators

Tables & Charts

2.1    Saudi Healthcare Spending (Public and Private)
3.1    Major Health Resource Indicators for KSA
3.2    Major Health care indicators, Government vs Private
4.1    Obesity Rates by Age group
4.2    Per capita Health care expenditure, 2014 (in USD)
5.1    KSA Insurance Penetration by Segment and growth
5.2    Health insurance premiums are expected to grow substantially, driven by regulatory requirements (USD Mn)
11.1    Top 10 Health care projects
12.1    Examples of PPP models
13.1    Recent Regulations  
14.1    KSA Ease of Doing Business Ranking, 2016
15.1    SPIMACO, Financials (2011-2015)
15.2    Mouwasat Medical Services, Financials (2011-2015)
15.3    National Medical Care Company, Financials (2011-2015)
16.1    On- Going projects in KSA

1.1    Budget Allocation for MoH (USD bn)
2.1    State Budget and Budget Allocation for Healthcare (In Billion USD)
4.1    Population of Saudi Arabia
4.2    Proportion of old age Population as compared to total Population
4.3    Prevalance of diabetes and causal factors in Saudi Arabia (2015)
4.4    Number of Beds required up to 2018
5.1    Insurance Density (Health, General, P&S)
5.2    Share of GCC gross Takaful contributions by country, 2014
5.3    GCC Takaful market projection, USD Billion
7.1    Forecast of Expenditure on Medical Equipment in Saudi Arabia (2015 – 2020)
8.1    Healthcare Professionals – Saudi vs. Expatriates
9.1    Saudi Arabia Inpatient Trend
9.2    Saudi Arabia Outpatients
9.3    Market Size (in USD Bn), 2020
9.4    Market Share (Country Wise in %), 2020
10.1    Primary Business goals of MoH e-Health Strategy
10.2    Roadmap of e-Heath plan
12.1    Examples of Public/Private Division of Services
12.2    PPP Potential in KSA Healthcare
12.3    Healthcare M&A deals in KSA, 2011-Sep 2016
13.1    Typical Drug Pricing and Approval Flow
13.2    Overall Roles and Responsibilities of Regulatory Bodies
16.1    Crude Birth rate (per 1,000)
16.2    Crude Death Rate (per 1,000)
16.3    Life Expectancy at birth (in years)
16.4    Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in Saudi Arabia, 2011- 2015
16.5    Pictorial Representation of the Co-operative Insurance Model
16.6    Foundations Needed For PPPs
16.7    Healthcare PPP Planning and Implementation



Saudi Healthcare

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