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Over the last decade, The GCC countries have transformed themselves into a state that makes them comparable with developing and sometimes even develop.....


Over the last decade, The GCC countries have transformed themselves into a state that makes them comparable with developing and sometimes even developed countries in terms of healthcare indicators. This journey is largely attributable to the governments’ commitment to the improvement of both public health and the GCC healthcare sector. Several healthcare indicators are improving in GCC countries. Despite the progress the GCC healthcare sector has some negative aspects also like GCC healthcare infrastructure is inadequate and there is a dearth of skilled manpower in GCC healthcare sector.
​In this report we take a look at several GCC healthcare indicators like crude birth rate, health expenditure per capita and death rate. The report also provides details of GCC healthcare market, need for public private partnerships in GCC healthcare sector, top GCC healthcare projects under execution and GCC healthcare systems. GCC health insurance market and opportunities in GCC healthcare market have been discussed in separate sections. The report estimates the size of the health care industry in terms of market size of the medical equipment, in-patients, out-patients and pharmaceutical markets.


  1. Executive Summary 
  2. Drivers for growth 
    • Medical Development and Infrastructure in GCC 
  3. Healthcare Industry in GCC – Overview & Opportunities 
    • Hospitals and Infrastructure 
    • Indicators (per 10,000 population) 
    • Physicians 
    • Hospital Beds 
    • Nurses and Midwives 
  4. Medical Equipment and Furniture 
    • Country specifics for Medical Equipment 
    • Key players in the UAE medical equipment market 
    • Recent developments in the Medical Services Market
  5. Pharmaceutical Market 
  6. Inpatient and Outpatient Market Size in GCC Countries 
  7. Healthcare education and research 
  8. Healthcare and IT 
    • Technological Innovation, Digital Health 
    • Healthcare Management Services (HMS) 
    • Accountable Care Models 
    • Medical Tourism 
  9. Role of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Healthcare
  10. Challenges 
    • High Dependence on Expatriates, Shortage of Medical Staff 
    • Increasing Differentiation between Expatriates in Terms of Skills 
    • Reliance on Government Expenditure 
    • Complexity and Lack of Standardisation in Regulation 
    • High costs of service, long gestation period, high capital requirements 
  11. Regulators 
    • Saudi Arabia 
    • United Arab Emirates 
    • Qatar 
    • Kuwait 
    • Oman 
    • Bahrain
  12. Companies in GCC region 
    • Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries 
    • Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corp 
    • Yiaco Medical Company 
    • Mouwasat Medical Services Company 
    • Advanced Technology Company 
  13. Appendix 

Tables & Charts

1.1: Health expenditure forecasts (USD billion)
2.1: Per capita Health care expenditure, 2013 (in USD)
2.2: GCC countries rank high on diabetes prevalence globally, 2014
2.3: Life Insurance Premium (in Mn USD), 2014
2.4: Non - Life Insurance Premium (in Mn USD), 2014
3.1: Major Health resource indicators for KSA, 2013
3.2: Number of hospitals in KSA region wise, 2013
3.3: Major Health resource indicators for UAE, 2013
3.4: Outpatient Healthcare Facilities & Specialized Centers in Private Sector in UAE, 2013
3.5: Status of On-going Medical Projects in Kuwait, As of June 2015
3.6: Health Infrastructure in Kuwait
3.7: Number of Beds planned to be added in Kuwait Hospitals
3.8: Health Infrastructure in Oman
3.9: Hospital Infrastructure in Qatar
3.10: Indicators for Qatar
3.11: Health Infrastructure in Bahrain
4.1: United Arab Emirates Medical Devices Expenditure by Category (USD million)
9.1: Examples of PPP models
9.2: PPP Potential in GCC Healthcare
10.1: GCC Ease of Doing Business and components, 2015 Rankings
10.2: Contract Enforcement and Resolution Metrics, 2015
12.1: Key Ratios, 2010-2014 - Guf Pharmaceutical
12.2: Key Ratios, 2010-2014 - Saudi Pharmaceutical
12.3: Key Ratios, 2010-2014 - Yiaco Medical
12.4: Key Ratios, 2010-2014 - Mouwasat Medical
12.5: Key Ratios, 2010-2014 - Advanced Technology Company

2.1: Per capita Health Care expenditure at current prices (in USD)
2.2: Improvement in Life Expectancy (years) at Birth in the GCC Countries
2.3: Higher Diabetic Population in GCC in age group of 25 years and above (in %), 2013
2.4: Percentage of Population in GCC in age group of 25 years and above with raised Blood Pressure, 2013
2.5: GCC Insurance Penetration in 2014 (Premium as a % of GDP) (Total Business)*
2.6: GCC Insurance Density in 2014 (Premiums Per Capita in USD) (Total Business)
2.7: GCC Takaful market projection, USD Billion
2.8: Share of GCC gross Takaful contributions by country, 2014
2.9: Minimum Number of Physicians Required by 2050
2.10: Number of Beds required up to 2018*
2.11: JCI-Accredited Hospitals in Saudi Arabia, 2014
4.1: GCC Medical Devices Expenditure, 2009 - 2014 (USD million)
4.2: UAE Medical Devices Market by Supplier
4.3: UAE Medical Devices Market by Category
4.4: Saudi Arabia Medical Devices Market by Supplier
6.1: Market Size (in USD Bn), 2020
6.2 Market Share (Country Wise in %), 2020
8.1: Growth in Diabetes and Affected Population (in ‘000) during 2000 to 2030
9.1: Examples of Public/Private Division Of Services
9.2: Foundations Needed For PPPs
9.3: Healthcare PPP Planning And Implementation Process
10.1: The Expatriate/ National mix (Population, million), GCC, 2020
10.2: Private expenditure on health as a percentage of total expenditure on health
12.1: Revenue and Net Income of Julphar, (USD mn) - Gulf Pharmaceutical
12.2: Revenue and Net Income, (USD Mn) - Saudi Pharmaceutical
12.3: Revenue and Net Income, (USD Mn) - Yiaco Medical
12.4: Revenue and Net Income, (in USD Mn) - Mouwasat Medical
12.5: Revenue and Net Income, (USD Mn) - Advanced Technology Company
13.1: Crude Birth rate (per 1,000)
13.2: Crude Death Rate (per 1,000)
13.3: Life Expectancy at birth (in years)
13.4: Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in Bahrain, 2006-2015
13.5: Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in Qatar, 2006- 2015
13.6: Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in Qatar, 2006- 2015
13.7: Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in Saudi Arabia, 2006- 2015
13.8: Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in Kuwait, 2006- 2015
13.9: Neo Natal and Under 5 Deaths in United Arab Emirates, 2006-2015



GCC Healthcare

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