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The construction sector in the GCC countries is amongst the largest construction sectors in the world, and the Saudi Arabian construction sector is th.....


The construction sector in the GCC countries is amongst the largest construction sectors in the world, and the Saudi Arabian construction sector is the largest amongst the GCC countries. The Saudi construction industry accounted for a 5% share of the Saudi Arabia GDP as of 2014 compared to 4.8% in 2013.  The construction sector showed the highest non-oil GDP growth rate of 6.7% in 2014. In the ninth five year development plan (2010-2014), projects worth USD 385 billion were awarded across all sectors, which was 67% higher than the previous five year plan. Saudi Arabia’s construction sector grew by 8.5% in 2014 and is expected to clock double digit growth in 2015. KSA is expected to have development projects worth more than USD 300 billion by 2020. In addition to growing population, plans to reduce the housing shortage and government’s plan for building alternate energy infrastructure will boost the growth of the construction companies in Saudi Arabia.
This research provides in-depth look into the Saudi Arabian contracting industry.  It elaborately discusses sector-wise ongoing projects, analysis of the contracting sector in a SWOT framework, key demand drivers and challenges faced by the industry. Also, included is the financial performance evaluation of some the key listed contracting companies –  Abdullah A.M Al-Khodari Sons, Al Babtain Group, Mohammad Al Mojil Group (MMG), Arriyadh Development Co, Saudi Real Estate Company and Saudi Binladin Group. 


  1. Executive summary
  2. Industry Overview
    • GCC Construction Industry
  3. Industry Architecture
  4. Construction sector in Saudi Arabia
    • Historical analysis
  5. Sector wise analysis
    • Economic cities project
    • Government sector
    • Social Infrastructure
  6. SWOT analysis
  7. Key Demand Drivers
    • Government spending
    • Push for affordable housing
    • Favorable Demographics
    • Development of Tourism
    • Development of renewable energy
  8. Key Challenges
    • Global economic uncertainties
    • Cost of Construction
    • Increasing competition
    • Shortage of skilled manpower
    • Ease of doing business
    • Working capital management
  9. Trends in the Industry
    • Green Buildings
    • Affordable housing
    • Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Projects
  10. Key Players
  11. Major Stakeholders
  12. Key Projects in Saudi Arabia
  13. Outlook
  14. Appendix

Tables & Charts

5.1: Saudi Arabia top 10 ongoing construction projects in Oil & gas sector
5.2: Saudi Arabia-top 10 ongoing construction projects in Power sector
5.3: Saudi Arabia- top 10 ongoing infrastructure projects
5.4: Saudi Arabia airport expansion projects
5.5: Saudi Arabia-ongoing standalone residential projects 
5.6: Saudi Arabia-ongoing standalone commercial projects 
5.7: Saudi Arabia’s Economic cities project
5.8: Saudi Arabia’s top 10 ongoing standalone Healthcare projects
5.9: Top ongoing standalone projects in the education sector
8.1: Ease of doing business-comparison among GCC nations (2015)
9.1: Summary of LEED projects in Saudi Arabia
10.1: Key Financials - Abdullah A.M Al-Khodari Sons
10.2: Key Metrics - Abdullah A.M Al-Khodari Sons
10.3: Abdullah A.M Al-Khodari Sons -top ongoing projects
10.4: Key Financials -Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication
10.5: Key Ratios - Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication
10.6: Key Financials - Mohammad Al Mojil Group
10.7: Key Ratios - Mohammad Al Mojil Group
10.8: Key Financials - Arriyadh Development Co
10.9: Key Ratios - Arriyadh Development Co
10.10: Key Financials - Saudi Real Estate Co
10.11: Key Ratios - Saudi Real Estate Co
10.12: Saudi Binladin Group ongoing standalone project
11.1: Ministry of Water & Electricity ongoing standalone project
11.2: Ministry of Transport- ongoing standalone projects
11.3: Ministry of Housing- ongoing standalone projects
11.4: Saudi Electricity Company- ongoing standalone projects
12.1: Top 10 KSA Construction projects by value (USD million) as of Jan 2015
14.1: The Ten Economic Freedom score
14.2: Saudi Arabia-global competitiveness 2014-15

2.1: Total value of contract awarded in the GCC region, 2010-14 (in USD mn)
2.2: GCC construction pie (2014)
2.3 Signed Contracts in Saudi Arabia - Total value in USD mn and number of contracts (2011-14)
3.1: Contracting Network
3.2: EPC Framework
4.1: Total value of awarded contracts in Saudi Arabia during 2009-14 (in million USD)
4.2: Saudi Construction sector-composite Business Optimism index (BOI)
4.3: Saudi Arabia tender price index
4.4: Value of Contract awarded (in USD million) and CCI value (month wise ) during 2014
4.5: Total value of awarded contracts region wise during 2014
4.6: Total value of awarded contracts sector wise during Q4 2014
5.1: Total value of awarded contract in oil and gas industry by region
5.2: Regionwise total value of awarded contract in power sector
5.3: Total value of awarded contracts by region (2014)
5.4: Total value of ongoing projects and no. of projects in the Real estate sector
5.5: Bank credit to building and construction sector (in USD mn)
5.6: Real estate loans disbursed by Saudi banks (in USD mn)
5.7: Ministry wise share of awarded contracts (2014)
5.8: Total value of awarded contracts in the government sector by region (2014)
5.9: Total value of awarded contracts in healthcare sector (region wise)
7.1: Saudi Arabia population in millions (2010-2020)
8.1: Net Profit Margin of key players (2010-14)
8.2: Cash cycle (in days) of key players (2013-14)
9.1: Breakdown of LEED certified project in Saudi Arabia
14.1: Comparison of economic freedom score



Saudi Contracting

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