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• Established in 1979, Savola Group initially was in the business of manufacturing and marketing edible oil and vegetable ghee in Saudi Arabia. P.....


• Established in 1979, Savola Group initially was in the business of manufacturing and marketing edible oil and vegetable ghee in Saudi Arabia. Presently, Savola is one of the fastest growing multinational food groups in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Central Asian region. 
• The group’s business operations can broadly be classified into four verticals – Food, Retail, Plastics and Investments 
• With Operations in over 8 countries and workforce of 23,800, Savola Group’s future strategy is to focus on its core activities (food, retail and plastic) after disposing loss making and non-core assets. 
• Savola disposed its loss making edible oil manufacturing unit in Kazakhstan for USD 28.5mn and in January 2015, Savola packaging, part of plastics segment was acquired by Takween Advanced Industries for USD 242.5 mn. 
• The company is planning a new business line to support its core activities called the ‘4th Leg’. The strategy is to move towards becoming a financial holding company. 
• Saudi Arabia continues to be the key market for Savola Group in terms of revenue (60%). 
• Savola Group’s net income for the year 2014 reached USD 553mn which is 22% higher than the 2013.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Overview
    • Overview
    • Porter five force analysis
    • STEEPLED analysis
  3. Financial Overview
    • Revenue
    • Key Financial Ratios
    • Capital Expenditure
    • Debt/Equity Ratio (D/E)
    • Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Asset (ROA)
    • CFO-to-Sales
    • Earnings Quality (EQ)
  4. Projections
  5. Peer Analysis
  6. Share Market Overview
  7. Appendix
    • Regional Peers
    • Global Peers
    • Dividend
    • Risk Metrics
    • Liquidity
    • Analyst Calls
    • Sector Overview
    • Growth Drivers

Tables & Charts

1.1: Summary
1.2: Business View 
2.1: Performance Indicators
2.2: Food Segment: Country wise Revenue and Products/Brands
2.3: Retail Segment: Country wise Revenue and Products/Brands
2.4: Savola Group: Non-managed Investments
2.5: Summary of Porter’s Five Forces analysis: Edible Oil and Sugar Segment
2.6: Summary of Porter’s Five Forces analysis: Retail Segment
2.7: Summary of STEEPLED analysis
2.8: SWOT analysis
3.1: Financial Ratios
3.2: Earnings Quality across time periods
3.3: Earnings Quality Components (Period End: Sep 2014)
4.1: Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet 
4.2: Business Segment wise revenue projections
5.1: Regional Peer Overview
5.2: Peer comparison based on size, P/E and dividends
5.3: Peer comparison based on returns and margins (2014)
5.4: Peer comparison based on Balance Sheet strength (2014)
5.5: Rankings of Closest Global Peers based on Market Cap  
6.1: Returns of Savola vs. Tadawul index
6.2: Savola Dividends, 2010-14
6.3: Risk Metrics
6.4: Liquidity Metrics
6.5: Analyst Calls
7.1: Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet 
7.2: Board of Directors and Executive Management 
7.3: Board Compensation

2.1: Savola: Business lines
2.2: Savola Group Revenue: Business Line-Wise (2013)
2.3: Savola Group Revenue: Country-Wise (2009 - 2014)
2.4: Savola Group Production Capacity (KMT): Edible Oils (2013)
2.5: Savola Group Production Capacity (KMT): Sugar (2013)
2.6: Savola Group: Store Number Growth
3.1: Total Sales 2010-14 (USD Mn)
3.2: Savola Group: Segment wise Revenue (USD Mn)
3.3: Savola CAPEX, USD Millions and Capex/Sales ratio (2010-14)
3.4: Savola D/E Ratio, (2010-14)
3.5: ROE & ROA, (2010-14)
3.6: Cash Flow from Operations (in USD mn) and CFO-to-Sales ratio, 2010-14
6.1: Savola vs. Tadawul All Share Index, Rebased 2010 to 31st Jan, 2015 
6.2: Savola Volume traded (in mn) vs. Price
6.3: Risk vs. Return: Savola Group, Peers and Tadawul Index, 2010-14
7.1: Consumer Spending on Food and Beverages
7.2: GCC Retail Market Size (in USD billions)
7.3: GCC Population (in Millions)

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