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• Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), established in 1964, offers insurance and re-insurance programs, and financial and real estate advisory services.....


• Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), established in 1964, offers insurance and re-insurance programs, and financial and real estate advisory services. QIC is based in Doha, and operates in Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Muscat, Bermuda, and Malta. 
• QIC is the largest insurer in Qatar, with 37% of its premiums coming from domestic operations, and the rest 63% from international operations market. 
• The four operating segments of QIC are marine & aviation insurance, fire & general insurance, real estate, and advisory and investments. Marine & aviation insurance comprises marine cargo and hull, marine liability, and local, regional or international carrier insurance. Fire & general insurance includes fire, engineering, general accidents, property, pecuniary, liability, professional indemnity, motor insurance, etc. 
• The company has increased its gross premiums written (GWP) at a CAGR of over 24% during the period 2010-14, registering a total of USD 1.36bn in 2014. 
• The net income for the company from underwriting premiums in 2014 was USD 178 million. Huge investments in the preceding year yielded a high investment income of around USD 232 million in 2014, whereas the income from advisory services stood at USD 50 million, followed by rental income of USD 14 million. 
• The revenue from the international market has grown from 59% in 2010 to 80% in 2014. In 2014, the net premium earned from international market was USD 810.6mn and from Qatar market was USD 199.6mn. • The GWP is estimated to grow at CAGR of 20% during 2014-2017.


1.Executive Summary
2.Business Overview
   Porter five force analysis
   STEEPLED analysis
3.Financial Overview
   Key Financial Ratios
   Debt/Equity Ratio (D/E)
   Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Asset (ROA)
   Earnings Quality (EQ)
5.Peer Analysis
   Regional Peers 
   Global Peers
6.Share Market Overview
   Risk Metrics
   Analyst Calls
   Sector Overview

Tables & Charts

1.1: Summary
1.2: Business View
1.3: Financial View (Long Term View)
2.1: Performance Indicators (Millions)
2.2:  Qatar Insurance Company: Direct Investment and Related Entities
2.3: Summary of Porter’s Five Forces analysis
2.4: Summary of STEEPLED analysis
2.5: SWOT analysis
3.1: Financial Ratios 
3.2: Earnings Quality across time periods
3.3: Earnings Quality Components (Period End: Dec 2014)
4.1: Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet
5.1: Select Peer comparison based on size, P/E and dividends 
5.2: Peer comparison based on returns and margins (2013)
5.3: Peer comparison based on Balance Sheet strength 
5.4: Rankings against Global Peers based on Market Cap 
6.1: Returns of Qatar Insurance Co vs. Qatar Exchange Index
6.2: Qatar Insurance Company Dividends, 2009-13
6.3: Risk Metrics
6.4: Liquidity Metrics
6.5: Analyst Calls
7.1: Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet 
7.2: Board of Directors and Executive Management
7.3: Board Compensation

2.1 QIC: Business lines
2.2: QIC’s Geographical Presence
2.3 Qatar Insurance Group Revenue: Business Line-Wise (2014)
2.4 Qatar Insurance Group: GWP, Premium Ceded to Reinsurers and Insurance retention
2.5: Commission Ratio, Investment Yield and GWP, 2013
3.1: Gross Premium Written 2010-14 (USD Mn).
3.2: Major segment Revenue: 2010-2014(USD million)
3.3: Domestic Vs International Revenue
3.4: Qatar Insurance Group D/E Ratio, (2010-14)
3.5: ROE & ROA, (2010-14)
3.6: Cash Flow from Operations (in USD mn) and CFO-to-Revenue ratio, 20109-14
6.1: Qatar Insurance Co vs. Qatar Exchange General Index, Rebased 2010 to 31st Dec, 2014
6.2: Qatar Insurance Volume traded (in mn) vs. Price
6.3: Risk vs. Return: Qatar Insurance, Peers and Qatar Exchange Index, 2010-14
7.1: Insurance Penetration in Qatar (as a % of GDP)
7.2: Growth and Composition of Insurance Industry in Qatar, USD Billion 
7.3: Insurance Density in Qatar (in USD/person)

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Qatar Insurance Company

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