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• Emaar properties PJSC is a property developer based out of UAE, having a diverse portfolio of business segments with a presence in 17 countries.....


• Emaar properties PJSC is a property developer based out of UAE, having a diverse portfolio of business segments with a presence in 17 countries around the world. It was incorporated in the year 1997 and was listed on the Dubai Financial Market in 2000. 
• Emaar Properties has worked on major property development projects like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall etc. in Dubai and also has tie-ups with local partners in several countries for their international operations. 
• It has a strong presence in hospitality sector and has been venturing into emerging sectors like retail and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology). 
• Dubai has transformed into a focal point for global trade with a population of more than 2 million in 2014, a figure that has nearly doubled in the past 10 years. It is expected to be more than 3 million in 2020 assuming its current CAGR of 7%. 
• Emaar Properties is the leading property developer in the UAE in terms of market capitalization and currently is working on several projects to which they have committed for till 2017.


Table of contents
1.             Executive Summary           6
2.             Business Overview              9
                Overview               9
                Geographical Segmentation              15
                Property Development in UAE         18
                Porter five force analysis   19
                STEEPLED analysis           24
3.             Financial Overview             30
                Revenue                30
                Revenue Breakup               31
                Key Financial Ratios          33
               Cost Structure      33
               Selling and Administrative Expenses               35
               Operating Profit Margin     37
               Net Profit               38
               Balance Sheet Strength      39
               DuPont Analysis  40
               Earnings Quality (EQ)         42
4.             Projections            44
5.             Peer Analysis        48
               Regional Peers      48
               Global Peers          49
6.            Share Market Overview     51
               Risk Metrics          53
               Liquidity                55
7.            Appendix              58
               Growth Drivers     58
               Dubai Expo 2020                59
               Management Compensation            59

Tables & Charts

1.1    Summary
1.2    Business View
1.3    Financial View (Long term view)
2.1    Emaar Properties and its Subsidiaries
2.2    Key Performance Indicators
2.3    Real Estate Unit sales to date in Key geographical markets (ex-UAE)
2.4    Property Development Metrics - Units completed and under development
2.5    Summary of Porter’s Five Forces analysis
2.6    Summary of STEEPLED analysis
2.7    SWOT analysis
3.1    Financial Ratios
3.2    RoA and RoE over the years
3.3    DuPont Analysis
3.4    Earnings Quality Components for Emaar Properties with Industry average
3.5    Earnings Quality of Emaar Properties during 2012-2013
4.1    Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet
4.2    Segment wise Revenue (Historical and Projection in USD Mn)
5.1    Peer Group Evaluation, 2014
5.2    Rankings of Closest Global Peers based on Market Cap
6.1    Returns since 2009
6.2    Risk Metrics
6.3    Dividend
6.4    Key metrics
6.5    Stock Price
6.6    Analyst Calls
7.1    Board of Directors
7.2    Compensation of Key Management Personnel of Emaar Properties
7.3    Compensation of Key Management Personnel of Aldar Properties

2.1    Shareholding of Emaar Properties
2.2    Emaar Properties Timeline
2.3    Emaar Properties major divisions
2.4    Emaar Domestic vs International Revenues (in USD Mn)
2.5    Land bank by Geography (in Million Sq.m)
3.1    Revenues (in million USD) and Year on Year Revenue Growth (in %)
3.2    Major segment sales (USD billion)
3.3    Segment-wise breakup of Cost of Revenue in 2014 (in %)
3.4    Cost Structure during 2009-14 (in million USD)
3.5    Breakup of Selling, General and Administration Expenses in 2014 (in %)
3.6    Operating Margin during 2009-14 (in %)
3.7    Net Profit (in million USD) and Net Profit Margin (in %)
3.8    Total Debt during 2009-13 (in million USD)
3.9    Capital Expenditure (in million USD) and CAPEX to Revenue ratio (in %)
6.1    Emaar Properties vs Dubai Financial Market Index (Rebased to 100) during 2010-14
6.2    Emaar Properties stock performance vs Peer Group
6.3    Risk vs. Return: Emaar Properties and Peers  (2007-14)
6.4    Trading Volume (From Jan 1, 2010 to 31st Dec, 2014)
7.1    International Tourist Arrivals in UAE (in Mns)

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Emaar Properties PJSC

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