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• Saudi Electricity Company was formed in 1998 by merger of all the State owned electricity companies operating in the Kingdom  • The .....


• Saudi Electricity Company was formed in 1998 by merger of all the State owned electricity companies operating in the Kingdom 
• The company has over 50 power plants with total generation capacity of 58,462 MW, over 54,318 ckm (circular kilometers) of transmission lines, around 0.47 million ckm of distribution lines, and serves 7.1 million customers in 12,450 cities, villages and settlements (2013). 
• The company’s principal business activities are the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity within the Kingdom. The revenue from the sale of electricity amounts for almost 92% of the total income for SEC over the 2010-2014 periods. 
• The capacity has increased from 24,083MW in 2005 to 58,462 MW in 2013. 
• SEC’s revenue has grown from USD 7,443mn in 2010 to USD 10,262mn in 2014 at a CAGR of 8.4% 
• SEC gets fuel supply for electricity production from Saudi Aramco at a subsidized price, the regulated tariff and high cost of purchase of power from Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Independent water and power producers (IWPPs) exert of profit margins.


Table of contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Business Overview
    Porter five force analysis
    STEEPLED analysis
3. Financial Overview
    Key Financial Ratios
    Capital Expenditure
    Debt/Equity Ratio (D/E)
    Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Asset (ROA)
    Earnings Quality (EQ)
4. Projections
5. Peer Analysis
    Regional Peers
    Global Peers
6. Share Market Overview
    Risk Metrics
    Analyst Calls
7. Appendix
    Sector Overview
    Key Management
    Board of Directors (numbers)

Tables & Charts

1.1    Summary
1.2    Business View
1.3    Financial View (Long term view)
2.1    Saudi Electricity Company’s Generation Capacity (December 2012)
2.2    SEC’s PPAs with IPPs and IWPPs
2.3    SEC’s Transmission lines classification (Dec 2012)
2.4    Group’s Companies - Fixed, total assets & liabilities 2013 (USD mn)
2.5    Performance Indicators 
2.6    Summary of Porter’s Five Forces analysis
2.7    Summary of STEEPLED analysis
2.8    SWOT analysis
3.1    Financial Ratios 
3.2    Earnings Quality across time periods
3.3    Earnings Quality Components
4.1    Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet 
4.2    Business Segment wise revenue projections (USD mn)
5.1    Regional Peer Overview 
5.2    Peer comparison based on size, P/E and dividends
5.3    Peer comparison based on returns and margins (2013)
5.4    Peer comparison based on Balance Sheet strength (2013)
5.5    Rankings of Closest Global Peers based on Market Cap
6.1    Returns of Saudi Electricity Company vs. Tadawul All Share index
6.2    Saudi Electricity Company Dividends, 2010-14
6.3    Risk Metrics
6.4    Liquidity Metrics
6.5    Analyst Calls
7.1    Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet  
7.2    Saudi Arabia Electricity Consumption and Demand – Supply Forecasts
7.3    Forecast of the Power Generation by Fuel Type in Saudi Arabia in TWh
7.4    Power Generation Capability in Saudi Arabia by Companies
7.5    Power Transmission Utilities in Saudi Arabia
7.6    Power Distribution Utilities in Saudi Arabia
7.7    Board of Directors and Executive Management
7.8    Annual Board Compensation of SEC in Saudi Riyals

2.1    Saudi Electricity Company: Business lines
2.2    Saudi Electricity Company Power Plants
2.3    Key Milestones of SEC
2.4    Segment wise Revenue (2010 – 2014)
2.5    COGS Break-down (2010 – 2014)
2.6    Number of Employees in SEC
2.7    Average worker’s share of available generation capacity (MW)
2.8    Number of Customers per Employee
2.9    Sold Energy per Employee (MWH/Employee)
2.10    Length of Transmission Lines per Employee (circular km)
2.11    Length of Distribution Lines per Employee (circular km)
3.1    Total Sales 2010-14 (USD Mn)
3.2    Saudi Electricity Company CAPEX, USD Millions and Capex/Sales ratio (2010-14)
3.3    Saudi Electricity Company D/E Ratio, (2010-14)
3.4    ROE & ROA
3.5    Cash Flow from Operations (in USD mn) and CFO-to-Sales ratio, 2010-14
6.1    Saudi Electricity Company vs. Tadawul index, Rebased 2010-2014
6.2    Saudi Electricity Company Traded (in mn) vs. Price
6.3    Risk vs. Return: Saudi Electricity Company, Peers and Tadawul Index, 2009-14
7.1    Overview of Saudi Arabian Power Sector
7.2    Power Consumption in Saudi Arabia v/s other GCC
7.3    Per Capita Power Consumption of Saudi Arabia v/s other GCC Economies
7.4    Electricity Consumption by (Percentage Distribution by Sales Quantity) 
7.5    Kingdom Power Capacity v/s Peak Load
7.6    Energy Generation by Fuel Type

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Saudi Electricity Company

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