Ooredoo ( Qatar Telecommunications Company)

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• Ooredoo is a Qatari telecom giant previously known as Qtel. Ma-jority shares of the company are held by the Qatari government through various i.....


• Ooredoo is a Qatari telecom giant previously known as Qtel. Ma-jority shares of the company are held by the Qatari government through various investing entities. 
• It has 36 wholly owned subsidiaries and has controlling stake in 54 companies across 15 countries 
• Ooredoo was founded in 1999 and continued to be the only tele-com services provider in Qatar till 2008. As of 2015, Ooredoo has active operations in 15 countries with a total consumer base of about 107 million up 11% from 2013 
• It is the 3rd largest telecom services company in GCC region ranked by market capitalization. Saudi telecom services (USD 12.04 billion) and Etisalat (USD 9.74 billion) are the first and sec-ond companies by market capitalization 
• Ooredoo offers services such as fixed and mobile telephony, fixed and wireless broadband and enterprise telephony 
• Ooredoo has been pioneer in telecom sector with high speed ser-vices like 3G and 4G 
• It has recorded a 14% increase in subscribers in Iraq despite the ongoing crisis in the country. Iraq amounts to 11% of the total subscriber base of Ooredoo and 19% in terms of revenues making it the 3rd largest market for Ooredoo (in terms of revenues). 
• Ooredoo has returned CAGR of 3.6% over the period of five years as compared to the Qatar stock index‘s CAGR of 11%.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Overview
    • Overview
    • Porter five force analysis
    • STEEPLED analysis
  3. Financial Overview
    • Revenues
    • Revenue break-up
    • Net Profit
    • Cost Structure
    • DuPont Analysis
    • Balance Sheet Strength
    • Cash flow from Operations
    • Capital Expenditure
    1. Earnings Quality
  4. Projections
  5. Peer Comparison
    • Regional Peers
    • Global Peers
  6. Share Market Overview
    • Dividend
    • Risk Metrics
    • Liquidity
    • Analyst Calls
  7. Appendix
    • Sector Overview
    • Investment forecast
    • Role of Government
    • Sector Growth Drivers
    • Corporate Governance

Tables & Charts

1.1: Summary
1.2: Business View
1.3: Financial View (Long-term Trend)
2.1: Performance Indicators 
2.2: Summary of Porter’s Five Forces analysis
2.3: Time required for various permits for starting business and associated fees in Qatar
2.4: Summary of STEEPLED analysis
2.5:: SWOT analysis
3.1: Revenue Growth Analysis
3.2: Ooredoo – Subscribers by Country and Segment
3.3: Cost Structure
3.4: DuPont Analysis
3.5: Balance Sheet Strength
3.6: Earnings Quality – OOREDOO & Industry Median
3.7: Earnings Quality Components
4.1: Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet 
4.2: Revenue Forecast
4.3: Cost of Revenues
4.4: Property Plant and Equipment
4.5: Capex
5.1: Peer Group Evaluation, - RoA, ROE
5.2: Peer Group Evaluation,- Quick Ratio, Current Ratio and D/E
5.3: Peer Group Evaluation, - PE, EPS and DPS
5.4: Peer Group Evaluation, - ARPU, Subscribers
5.5: Rankings of Global Peers based on Market Cap 
6.1: Index Returns vs Stock Returns (Annualized)
6.2: OOREDOO Dividends, 2009-14
6.3: Risk Metrics
6.4: Liquidity Metrics
7.1: Projections for Income Statement, Balance Sheet 
7.2: Market Structure, Qatar
7.3: Qatar ICT spending forecast
7.4: Board of Directors
7.5: Management team
7.6: CEOs by country and subsidiary
7.7: Ownership interests as on 31st December 2014

2.1: Shareholding Pattern 2014
2.2: Revenues from investments in USD millions
2.3: Market share in various countries in terms of subscribers
3.1: Segment Wise Revenue - Qatar, USD millions
3.2: Region wise Revenue, USD millions
3.3: Ooredoo, Region wise Net profit trends (USD millions)
3.4: DuPont Analysis
3.5: Cash Flow Indicators: CFO (USD Mn), CFO/Sales ratio
3.6: Capital Expenditure (Capex) Analysis
6.1: Ooredoo vs. Qatar Stock Exchange Index, 2010-Present
6.2: Ooredoo Volume Traded (in 000’s) vs. Price
6.2: Saudi Telecom Company Volume Traded (in Mn) vs. Price
6.3: Risk vs. Return: OOREDOO and Peers, 2010-14
6.4: Analyst Call Summary

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Ooredoo ( Qatar Telecommunications Company)

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