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Who owns Marmore?
Marmore is a majority owned subsidiary of Kuwait Financial Centre ‘Markaz’ which is a leading asset management and investment banking firm with US$bn in assets under management (AUM) and the head office in Kuwait.

Is there any other services offered by Marmore beyond selling reports?
In addition to publishing reports online, Marmore is actively engaged with its client in providing bespoke research-based consulting solutions to meet their specific requirements. You can find out more about Marmore’s consulting solutions at

Can I have an overview of the report before I purchase it?
Yes, you can download a brief synopsis of the report before buying a report.

Can I request customization of a published report?
Yes, you could discuss your requirement with our team and we would be happy to commission a specific report tailored to your needs.

Whom should I contact for customization of a published report?

What are the charges involved for customizing?
It would depend on the scope of assignment, which will be shared and communicated to you.

What are the formats that the report is available on?
All reports are available only in PDF format.

Do you have a discount structure?
No, we don’t have any discount structure for our online reports.

What are the currencies available on your site for payment?
USD & INR is accepted as of now. We may include other currencies in future.

What are your payment terms?
100% advance for Bank Transfers. All taxes (if applicable) are extra.

Do you have multiple payment gateway option?
Yes. You can pay through Credit Card & PayPal

What are the charges that payment gateway provider would deduct if I transact via your website?
There are no charges. The charges would be deducted from our bank account only.

I don't have a paypal account, but still would like to transact via Paypal. What should I do?
Please register with Paypal by visiting

What are the charges that paypal would deduct if I transact via Paypal on your website?
Please check the terms and conditions of Paypal at

Can I pay by a Debit Card?
No, you can't.

How will the report be delivered if I pay via Paypal or Credit Card?
As soon as the transaction is complete or once the payment is realised in our account, you can login to your Marmore website account and download the report from My Account page. On request, we would send you the report to the registered email id.

How will the report be delivered if I pay via Fund Transfer?
As soon as your payment is realised in our account, we would send you the report to the registered email id.

How are Tax charged on offline and online purchase? How will I get an invoice for the same?
All online purchases through our website will be in USD only and invoice will be generated online.
For offline purchases (excluding India), invoice will be raised in USD and inter-bank charges on conversion from USD to INR has to be borne by the Buyer and there is no tax.
For offline purchases within India 18% GST (9% CGST & 9% SGST) is added to the invoice and payment has to be made against the invoice.

Will my online payment be secure?

All online payments are secure. Payments are processed by a Secure payment gateway using 128-bit SSL encryption. Marmore does not store any credit card information on our databases.

Whom should I contact to request changes in the invoice?

Should I have any specific add on or software to download the reports from Marmore website?
You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your PC for opening the pdf files or you can open the PDF document in the web browser

What is Marmore's Privacy Policy
Please visit Privacy-Policy

What terms and conditions apply to my use of the service?
Please visit Terms & Conditions

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
We don’t encourage any cancellations or refunds. Due to the nature of the information being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept cancellation/refunds of products once they have been delivered. Please be sure to read all available information about a report before you place your order. If you have any questions about a report`s coverage or relevance, please contact us for expert assistance from a Research Specialist.

Is there a money-back policy?

How can I change my password?
Please click My Account in your user home page and click change password to edit the password.

How Do I change my profile information?
Please go to My Account in your user page and click edit to edit your profile info

Can I use my email ID as username while registering?
No, please choose a Username_Research


Subscriptions to Research Offering

How should I subscribe to reports offered by Marmore?
Please sign up for subscription from our home page or you may choose to subscribe when you register with us.

Whom should I contact in case of not receiving the subscriptions on time?

How can I withdraw my subscription with Marmore?
If you choose to unsubscribe, you may please login to your “My Account” page and uncheck all the subscriptions that you’ve opted for, and click ‘edit’. Alternatively, you may also send us an email to, we would execute your request from our end and keep you informed.



What are the daily updates on Marmore Website?

  • Daily Morning Brief
  • Daily Fixed Income Update

Do I have to register on this site to view details of the offerings from Marmore?

Whom should I contact for any queries?
Should you have any queries regarding products sold, payments, reports purchased, etc., you may please write to us at

How do I report abuse?
Please write to us at regarding your complaint

What is the grievance redressal procedure of Marmore?
In case you have any Grievance, you may report your Grievances at following touch points:

Call us at + 965 2224 8280
Email your complaint at
Write to us at : Grievance Redressal Cell
Marmore MENA Intelligence Pvt. Ltd
GS Towers, 3rd Floor, 116/24, 4th street,
Abiramapuram, Chennai
Tamilnadu ,India - 600 018.
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