The holistic GCC market structure is covered in our GCC focused reports. However, to deep-dive and for further understanding of aggregate demand analysis in each GCC country, we have developed GCC country specific research reports that include industry analysis of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Oman. The country reports are present in our two research verticals, namely Industry Researches and Infrastructure Researches.
Our country specific reports provide details about market structure of specific industry in that country which includes various infrastructure streams such as power, water, ports, ICT, aviation, roads and railways, and real estate. For example, a power infrastructure report on Saudi Arabia will include details about Saudi Arabia industry analysis and aggregate demand for power in Saudi Arabia.
The strategically important sector for the MENA region are identified and researched on. The industry reports developed with intention to provide in-depth analysis on existing investment opportunities, market analysis, market structure, industry analysis, demand forecast and regulatory framework.

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