GCC Travel & Tourism: Build it but will they come?

Oct 01, 2018

As a part of their economic diversification strategy, Gulf countries have been increasingly focussing on the expansion of service sectors such as tourism, business, logistics and financial services. The huge stock of fiscal and foreign reserves in the Arabian Gulf favoured the development of the tourism industry as a core strategy to attract both foreign tourists as well as business travellers.

The Burgeoning Entertainment Industry in Saudi Arabia

Jun 14, 2018

As a part of its broader economic diversification plans, Saudi Arabia took an unprecedented policy move by framing a new entertainment policy. In line with the Kingdom’s Vision of 2030 of creating a vibrant society, General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has been established and an investment of US$ 64 Bn has been planned (BBC News 2018). GEA is part of the subprogram, Quality of Life under the Vision 2030 which aims for improving lifestyle by increasing entertainment and cultural avenues.

Emergence of Sports in the Arab Region

Mar 04, 2018

Emergence of Sports in the Arab Region. The Arab nations have been under the limelight ever since Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Morocco qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018, the first time in history where four teams from the region will be competing in the global event. The efforts taken by Arab nations have started to pay dividends as they see the emergence of sports in the region. Acknowledging the potential of the sports tourism market, focus has been laid on bringing global events to the region and also in the development of sporting infrastructure. Qatar sent ripples across the sporting industry when it won the right to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup in 2010. Since then, sports ..

Gaming Market in the Middle East - Part2: Key trends in the Middle East gaming market

Feb 28, 2018

Gaming Market in the Middle East- Key trends in the Middle East gaming market - Part-2 of the game development blog: As part of the gaming sector study in the GCC region we were able to find out some prominent trends in the GCC region that we have chronicled below. Some of the trends were not quite obvious before venturing into this blog. For example, piracy has been a primary reason behind the gaming culture in the region and even within the Middle East region there are significant differences in product distribution networks. Mobile gaming has been an important revenue generator in the region thanks to the high concentration of gaming whales in the region.

Gaming Market in the Middle East - Part 1: A Cathartic Experience

Feb 27, 2018

Gaming Market in the Middle East - A Cathartic Experience - Part-1: Not many people would conjure up the image of the Middle East region when talking about video games and their growth in general. Wars and internal conflicts often overshadow the vibrant and growing market for video games in the region. Video game culture has been an offshoot of such conflicts – many youngsters find it a cathartic experience to win against the forces that have been responsible for wide spread conflicts in the region and admit that it is one of the most preferred form of entertainment for them.

Major Tourism Trends in the GCC

Apr 12, 2015

Middle East attracts tourists throughout the year for its beautiful beaches, cultural and archaeological sites, and nature tourism. The region offers various entertainment and shopping avenues, and myriad of attractions. Also considerable amount of pilgrims visit during the Hajj season.