China and Middle East: Bountiful Partnership

Apr 16, 2015

China and Middle East have had long historical trade linkages that have only grown closer and more prominent with time. At present, the relationship has gone beyond just transfer of goods and services, to transfer of knowledge and expertise. With the Middle East facing the brunt of low oil price and attempting to diversify their revenues, and China undergoing an economic transition, we shine a light at this symbiotic relationship, as the countries attempt to help each other achieve their long term goals.

Expo 2020: How will Dubai benefit?

Apr 08, 2015

In 2020, the UAE will host the World Expo, which is held once every five years for the duration of 3-6 months. The history of expo dates back to 1851, when ‘The Great Exhibition’ was first held in London. Since then, different regions of the world have hosted it at regular intervals, but this would be the first time the event is being hosted in the MENA region.