Fintech in GCC: What can it disrupt?

May 21, 2017

We see 3 areas where Fintech can be disruptive in GCC: Financial sector, Islamic finance and Payment solutions to start with.

Visualizing Saudi Arabia in MSCI EM - Some Questions

May 17, 2017

Saudi Arabia is working seriously to become part of MSCI Emerging Market Index. By now, this is a hotly debated news item as well. In this context, we ask the following questions:

GCC Petrochemical Industry: Move beyond cheap feedstock

May 14, 2017

The GCC have long enjoyed significant energy advantages with nearly one-third of the world’s oil and quarter of world’s natural gas reserves. Availability of, and access to these natural g..

These are the 3 areas AI will impact GCC

May 10, 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has fascinated mankind since the invention of computers. AI has had many false starts during the past century, some optimists even predicted AI to become standard by the 1..

GCC bond market story-Just beginning to unfold

May 07, 2017

While the media has been widely publishing several stories on the oil imbroglio and its negative impact on the equity markets in the GCC, there has been subdued coverage on the positive aftermaths of ..

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